Video: Obama Lied About Actions During Benghazi Attack

In a heated debate on CNBC, Breitbart editor-in-chief Joel Pollak says Obama lied about actions during the Benghazi attack.

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  1. He lies ALL THE TIME,so what's new ?

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Amazing! Someone from the LSM asking the SAME questions as we are now? Is this the beginning of the end for oblameo?
    Lets hope so!

  3. So, NOW they're talking about this? Where were they on all the other issues where Obama lied? Of course, if they had been a straight news group, they'd be on Obama's case 24-7. Although, there would probably be more dead news anchors if that were the case.


    I have always said that this Obama was put here in the Presidecy, by a liberal hidden group that now is going back to Bush blaim bush,

  5. Mutantone says:

    And who was it that ordered the drone to reroute and fly over the compound so they could watch real time on the event? That they watched as Americans were sacrificed to the Muslim Brotherhood and their agenda as Obama has been want to do so many times. where were these weapons headed in Syria? what type of weapons were they "selling" to whom? And how was it paid for? like the sale of the 125 M1A1 tanks to Egypt and then the F-16 jets and the current deal being made to purchase top of the line German submarines for them as Well.
    I'll Ask it again just what was Obama doing in Pakistan with his male friend? and does it have anything to do with his sudden financial rise from there on?

  6. What happened to the people that Tyrone Woods and the other supposedly saved the the lives of? I have never heard them mentioned on any news broadcast, including Fox news. Seems they just disappeared into the night. When this first happened, it was said there were about twenty people who's lives were saved. Has
    anyone reading this, ever heard about them?

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    Remember Nero fiddled while Rome burned and our Obutthole either played basketball or shacked up with his male lover while Americans were getting killed in Benghazi.

  8. why the dirty son of a B i knew he was guilty al along

  9. Haroon, TG says:

    CLINTON Allowed Stevens To Die In Benghazi To Keep Saudi Government Involvement In Syria Secret.(10/22/12) // Despite the assertions of the US State Department, witnesses to the attack at the rented villa in Benghazi where US AMBASSADOR J. CHRISTOPHER STEVENS WAS MURDERED say that al-Qaeda WAS NOT present. // O'BAMA, using the premeditated incident for POLITICAL GAIN, and ATTEMPTING TO FOOL THE AMERICAN PUBLIC, first said that the "ASSULT" was the work of TERRORISM & SUBSEQUENT REVOLTS AGAINST THE US EMBASSIES WORLDWIDE WERE CAUSED BY THE 14 MINUTE TRAILER OF AN ANTI-MUSLIM FILM THAT WAS PRODUCED BY THE US AND WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY FBI INFORMANT Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a.k.a. Sam Bacile, was imprisoned in 2009 for banking fraud. He was employed as an INFORMANT for the FBI just before he was used as a pasty in the making of the film innocence of Muslims that the US GOVERNMENT (IS CLAIMING) they had no hand in producing. In order to cover their tracks, and facilitate the psy-op that convinces the American public that Islam and al-Qaeda are legitimate terrorists.

  10. Haroon, TG says:

    BENGHAZI (10.22.12) …..Sheik Mohamed ORAIBI explained the attackers came in 20 pickup trucks with mounted machine guns. More witnesses have also reaffirmed that the attackers were heavily armed and were Libyan citizens. // An anonymous US official claimed that there was no creditable "intelligence that the attackers pre-planned their assault days or weeks in advance."// However, House Representative MIKE ROGERS, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee stated that "there is evidence" that this was a, "we'll-armed, well-coordinated event. It had both indirect and direct fire, and it had military maneuvers that were all part of this very organized attack." //TO CONFUSE THE ISSUE MORE AND DIVERT THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER WHICH RESULTED IN THE DEATH OF STEVENS & 3 OTHERS IS A MEME RECENTLY PROPAGATED BY SPECIOUS SOURCES THAT < o'bama> HAD PLANNED TO TRADE THE BLIND SHEIK FOR STEVENS AFTER A FAKED KIDNAPPING. // The story touts Obama's desire to recreate former US PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER'S success and ultimate sympathy gained by the American public for the IRANIAN hostage crisis. // After the assassination of Gadhafi in 2010, during his time meeting with the NTC in Benghazi (where their headquarters was located) Stevens negotiated arms deals with the terrorist organizations. // Some of Stevens' Deals For Arms can be realized in the artillery and weapons being funneled to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Syria who are fighting the proxy war for the USA. STEVENS BECAME THE "LIAISON" BETWEEN USA -SPONSORED TERRORIST FACTIONS AND THE MOVEMENT OF ARMS TO SYRIA TO ASSIST THE FSA. <<<<<<<AND THIS IS THE REASON STEVENS WAS MURDERED.>>>>>>

  11. no one is doing a damn thing about it. cause they are all in it togeather. they have a list for the right , we have a list for the left…….

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