Video: Obama Just Surrendered The US To Al Qaeda…

Just because Obama wears the suit and sits in the Oval office doesn’t make him a President.

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  1. BarleyWheets says:

    Obama is a corrupt fraudulent criminal!!!!
    Presidential elections are not popularity contests and we need to stop treating them as such. The Constitutional "natural born citizen" eligibility criteria was put there by our forefathers to protect us from being "presided over" by and (most importantly) our military commanded by an individual with potentially dual allegiances. Our abandonment of the "natural born citizen" criteria has resulted in precisely the dire consequences our forefathers foresaw, and "Exhibit A" of those dire consequences currently ILLEGALLY OCCUPIES the Oval Office, has little or no allegiance to America, and goes by the names Barry Soetoro aka Barack Soebarkah aka Harrison Bounel aka Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. BarleyWheets says:

    OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE!!! Obama is a USURPER who (aided and abetted by political and media powers-that-be) has perpetrated the biggest hoax against American citizens in the history of our nation!. Anything Obama says, signs or does including laws, executive orders and bills are NULL and VOID because Obama is legally NOT the President! We have NOT had a legal President since 2008!

    Obama should be ARRESTED! He is UNIMPEACHABLE because he is NOT LEGALLY PRESIDENT no matter how many votes he got.

  3. Barleywheets says:

    OBAMA IS NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! We have NOT had a legal President since 2008!! He legally cannot be the President according to the US Constitution..HIS father was NOT an American Citizens!!!!!!

    • Beverly Prather says:

      The United States Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, has been handling his eligibility case, from before the 2008 election…..they just s ISMISS constitutional law.. I pleaded a serial rape, priest sex abuse case in the same court, they just DISMISS, volumes of law in that court, but it takes money to cover up 20 years of serial rape, child sex abuse, priest sex abuse, the lawfirm that defended, the serial rapist, priest sex abuse case, BALLARD SPAHR, also defended Obama, and had the eligibility case dismissed…opening the door to the White House, for Obama…..

      I filed law with that court for years, you would think a court knows that felony rape and priest sex abuse of children, is against the law…..Bama's lawfirm, also defends serial rape and murder of women and kids, but, you have to be a corporation with lots of $$$$ ….probably how Obama got in $$$$ in the court, case dismissed….

  4. How many Jayvee players do you know that kill people?

  5. How much money has been spent by Sorso and Hollywood to pay off the courts in getting O's eligibility dismissed? Must be a ton. Also , what or who got to Supreme Court Judge Roberts to call Obamacare a "tex"?

  6. Beverly Prather says:

    When I saw him let the oil spill for three months in the Gulf of Mexico, then he set the Gulf on Fire…
    that was enough for me……

    The serial rape, priest sex abuse case I pleaded to him was horrific, Obama does not consider rape and murder of women and children to be crimes….. (as long as the government is making money at it)…..

    It has been 5 years of rape , burn , pillage, abuse of people by government, government spending money we don't have , and Bama rides away in a big black limo…..
    How much BS are the people going to take, before they put him OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE>>>>
    can he be forced to resign ?????

  7. Soooo…since i have no president and I have no Governor as i live in California; you might be thinking sure you do what are you talking about? trust me I do not! My answer to whatever "Jayvee team" may be out there be it Al Queda, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood etc. etc. that chooses to step into my Infidel yard which by the way I pay too much tax for will feel my VARSITY wrath. For good or ill it is my property and i will defend it to my end since I cannot trust Obama or Brown to protect me as a US Citizen. The special interests of the enemy far out way my Citizenship in the eyes of these marxists.

  8. herdzcatz says:

    That's exactly how he dealt with the Iranian threat in his first campaign, saying, "Think about it–Iran, Cuba, Venezuela; these countries are tiny…" Well, we can see how tiny these nations are. Especially tiny, insignificant Iran. Yeah, right!

  9. We can only pray that Alabama Supreme Court will make the right decision on Barry's elegibility. The 10 Commandments Judge Roy Moore is to preside, he just may be our last hope for winning.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      The November elections are our last hope for returning to a Constitutional America peacefully.
      We will return. Whether it's peacefully or not is the question.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    Someone should tell Obumhole that JV players work their way to the varsity.You can never depend on the courts they're as crooked as anyone else.Money talks bullshit walks.Obumhole is a closet muslim and he has an anti Christ attitude.

    • Obama needs to be told that he is acting like a Pee-Wee team compared to Al'Queda…and that is actually an insult to Pee-Wee teams, I just couldn't think of anything of a "Lesser Team" equivalent!!

  11. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    obama needs pliers instead of a hammer to treat terrorism as police actions instead of war, since to him, there is no war on terror (he still has never ever said “war on terror”). obama doesn’t understand the war on terror and can’t discern between an act of terrorism and “work place violence”, and he also renamed “Global War on Terror” to “Overseas Contingency Operation.” He needs to move the pen and phone over to shove the pliers and hammer up his black clueless ass also.

  12. All of the Senate Democrats (except maybe Wyden and Udall), most of the Senate "Establishment" Republicans (McCain, Graham etc…), all of the House Democrats and some of the House Republicans need to be tried for Treason, along with Obama, Biden, Holder, Bernanke, and all the other corrupt Government Agency heads like Alexander and Clapper (who have been caught lying to Congress for God's sake!!!) also need to be tried for Treason.
    Then we need to move on to the Federal Reserve, arrest and confiscate all their assets (Corporate and Personal) and put them back into the U.S. Economy. Look at how Iceland handled their "Issues" with the Central Bank, and follow their lead on this one!!
    Then after Obama, Biden, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, McCain, Graham, and others have been tried for Treason, send them to the Hague for War Crimes!!

  13. March with the Colonel against DC! Join us!

  14. SicknTired says:

    Are you guys for real?
    Why do you think the rest of the world makes fun of America?
    It's because of people like you: hating Obama like he was evil himself, citing the bible as it holds any reasonable truth and do I really have to ask how many of you that are obese? Obama had a majority of the votes, Obama is our president.
    I don't like him either but this is going way too far. The reason to why Obama won is because of you. You create a harsher environment for the politicans forcing them to adapt to your populist opinions to have a chance. Do us all a favor and calm down.

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