Video: Obama Jokes About His Fake Birth Certificate At WH Event

Barack Obama is a brazen criminal. He is so protected by the mainstream media, that he can joke about being an illegal president and everyone in the room, including the press laughs about it. I am so disgusted with the media, with this man and with the clear brazen criminal activity, I am speechless. What do you say about a country where the leaders flout the rule of law with impunity? We are no longer a country governed by law but a country of ruling elites who do, say, and act in anyway they please.

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  1. TaterSalad says:

    The Obama administration has secretely re-written the 2nd. amendment. If Obama is to get a 2nd. term, expect this amendment to be changed:

    • 1sr 2nd 10th .. heck he'll just get rid of the consitution all together

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        You said a mouthful,the worst part is most Americans don't care and our so called education system is brainwashing children to believe in this evil morons views.

  2. D. Marie says:

    Heaven help us!

  3. liberty49 says:

    Obama's arrogance and disrespect for the office of the president and our White House is shameful and a mark against our nation.

  4. We need to stop buying anything advertised on these stations and those that fund the media!!! i am for changing the first amendment to reign in the media!!!

  5. factnotrhetoric says:

    Obama has nothing but a Billion Dollars worth of Lies, Name Calling, and Deceit to get him reelected. Obama Lies as well as any other member of the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate". Obama even had a Muslim Brotherhood Speech writer for his teleprompter, to help him with his lies.


    The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" is the group responsible for Obama. The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" writes, and rewrites, Sharia Law almost daily to overthrow countries, and turn them into "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate Dictatorships".

    If "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" written "Sharia Law" gets entered into any country's constitution, it turns the country into a "Saudi Organized Crime Dictatorship. Under Saudi Crime Syndicate Sharia Law, all natural resources and industries belong to the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate."

    Saudi Puppet Obama left "Saudi Crime Syndicate written Sharia Law" in the constitutions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Kenya and Yemen. These were all presents of Opium Rich, Oil Rich and Uranium Rich Countries, from Saudi Puppet Obama, to the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate." These Obama endless wars cause Americans to BORROW over $1 Trillion Dollars each year to overthrow these countries and hand the resources over to the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate." Next on the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" list of countries to overthrow are Syria, Iran and then Israel.

    Overthrowing these countries, and turning each one into a "Saudi Organized Crime Dictatorship" has cost over 5,000 American Soldier's Lives, cost over one $Trillion BORROWED American Dollars every year, and has killed over one-million innocent Middle Eastern Civilians.

    There are two things you can count on from the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" and Saudi Puppet Obama:
    1) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" will lie about everything to anyone who is not a member of the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate". The lying is required by their constitution's Sharia Law.
    2) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" are cowards. They deal in False Flags. False Flags are Flying another country's flag while killing innocent civilians, then blaming it on the victim Country.

    Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate False Flags are everywhere. For Example:
    1) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" flew jets into the twin towers to False Flag Afghanistan.
    2) The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" falsified the Iraq Nuclear Weapons reports to False Flag Iraq.
    3) Today the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" falsified the Iran Nuclear Weapons reports to False Flag Iran.
    4) Today the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" hired a bomber to kill an Iranian Scientist to False Flag Israel. Then the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" hired the exact same bomber, using the forensically same bomb material, to kill an Israeli Citizen to False Flag Iran.
    5) Today the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" falsified Human Rights Violations reports on Syria, Israel and the United States to False Flag each of them. But the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" has the worst Human Rights Record since Hitler.
    6) Last week the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" False Flagged an American Soldier by tying up and burning alive whole families. They killed 16 Afghanistan civilians, to get American Troops out of Afghanistan. The "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate Dictator" in Afghanistan wouldn't even allow Americans to forensically investigate the crime scene or even see if there were any bodies. LIES and FALSE FLAGS. The killing was obviously done by either the "Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate" or the "Taliban Organized Crime Syndicate." Both Crime Syndicates deal in cowardly False Flags.

  6. Someone tell me why the hell Congress isn’t doing there job to get this IDIOT out of our WhiteHouse??? Are they just a bunch of dogs with their tails or what. It’s way past time for Impeachment.

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    If anyone is old enough to remember Howdy Dowdy,he had a pal named Dilly Dally and Dilly could wiggle those big ears the same way Obuma can.So if he gets unre-elected Obuma will become the next Sammy Davis Jr.because he can sing and he sure can dance over all his flops that he invested taxpayers money into.The big plus will be the media still licking his shoes.

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