Video: Obama Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States

On election day, we know there were major problems of voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama—voting machines, by the way, owned and operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel.

We know Obama suppressed the traditionally conservative military vote.

We know thousands of military absentee ballots were “lost”—in one case supposedly burned to a crisp in an airplane crash—although no one seems to know the details of which plane it was, where it crashed, whether anyone was killed, etc.

We know there were dozens of precincts across the United States where Obama received an “astronomical” amount of votes—99-100%. Or counties where there were reportedly more votes cast than the total of actual voters registered— St. Lucie County, Florida had a 141.1% turnout!

We know GOP polling inspectors were thrown out of democratically-controlled precincts in fourteen wards—just in Philadelphia. This was endlessly duplicated throughout the United States.

And we know Eric Holder’s shock troops, the New Black Panther Party, were out in full force doing what they do best—intimidating anyone not planning on voting multiple times for Barack Obama.

But this country, supposedly a nation of laws, under the corrupt Barack Obama Administration did nothing to prosecute the massive amount of voter fraud.

Until now.

Officials in Hamilton County, Ohio are mounting a massive voter fraud investigation, already issuing twenty-eight subpoenas, which is just scratching the surface of a massive Obama voter fraud operation. Dead people voting. Multiple votes by one person. Forged absentee ballots. Poll workers hiding ballots. Just to name a few of the irregularities.

The Obama fraud poster girl in Hamilton County is Melowese Richardson, alleged to have cast six votes for Barack Obama.

In true Barack Obama victimology fashion, she claims she filled out absentee ballots for her granddaughter, brother, and others because they needed “help” in voting—not to mention it being Barack Obama’s right to receive these votes.

This is only one small district in Ohio. We know the Obama campaign was engaged in massive voter fraud throughout the United States. Given that Obama squeaked by with barely two percent of the popular vote and that he was engaged in massive voter fraud, it is a foregone conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama did not win the election.

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  1. This is disturbingly great news, but WHAT can be done about it? The admin/Holder play their games & dally & lawyer-up, the courts get involved, that takes time, money of which THEY have endless supply for at least 4 more years.

    • EMERGENCY machiel stoled obamas SS# for him thats why she got fired http;//www.conservative daily 1201-3/02 Scouts employees-cought with holding-legal-doc uments from Supreme-Court-Justices

  2. We all know there was total election fraud ————- so, what will be done about that???? THAT question needs to be answered.

    • Walter Owens says:

      Converge on washington' Ues our power as Citesons' Make arrest' lock them up' untill we find' True Judges' try them, Punnish as required. The American people fully active' cannot, Be Stoped, Get Orgenised.. It's all left for us to do, the powers that be' have porven over and over, They will do nothing,, To that' they are the Enemy of we the people.

      • Iamacitizen2 says:

        Good luck with that SCOTUS just denied Orly Taitz's lawsuit to be heard today. She had her conference hearing last friday in SCOTUS and she is still going forward. She has proof the SCOTUS clerks returned her suit a year ago and denied it then. She discovered that the SCOTUS 4 out of 9 didn't know about it and never saw it. The clerks have done some bad things here. She's going after them for sure. In CA she has a new Appeal Hearing coming regarding Dist Court Judge Englund on 1/3/13 threw her case out and she has solid proof plus 1.5 million fraudulent votes from CA. Well she filed an Appeal and she has a new judge that will hear her appeal she's waiting for the date to be certified. Corruption goes all the way to the top now this is proof today with the denial being posted on SCOTUS's site. So, if she can keep on keeping on fighting and not QUIT then I will keep praying for a positive OUTCOME soon and that is removing the usurper / unknown person sitting in the Oval Office. We know absolutely not a dang thing about that man because everything in his past and his wife's past has been SEALED… he said time and time again we hear it: the only people who don't want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide. Unreal…God help us to stay strong and keep fighting the fight to rid our country of the "e v i l"!!! God bless

  3. We ALL know there was voter fraud. We all know he does not have a legitimate birth certificate. Until someone is ready to DO something about it — I'm sick of hearing about this over and over. What can we DOOOOO ??

  4. VirgoVince says:

    NO shiitt, what the FK have we all been screaming about for the last 4 yrs and WHY hasn't he been shot, LONG before now????
    ARREST and dump into Gitmo with the rest of the ugly mu-slime garbage!!!!

  5. one day…because our congress will do nothing…something will happen…our representatives have knowingly put our country in this situation…they must be so proud of themselves…

  6. Mark Stallmann says:

    Until some true patriot politician or judge decides to actually do what they took an oath to do. We the people will bear the albatross of this unrelenting assault on our liberty. Guess we’ll find out if there are any left.

  7. I think elections are very much like professional sports events: the people at the top are basically competing to see who can cheat the best/most.

  8. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama won by fraud. It was planned from the very beginning. Romney had no chance and Chuck Hagel helping big time in rigging the voting machines. I do not trust this government, we are all doomed.

  9. The wheels of justice must move faster on this, we need this garbage out and all his laws deleted since they were fraudulent, send him to GITMO.

  10. This country is sooo sickkk of hearing this. Why don't everone start calling & emailing their congress person & reps. every day & let them know they better start looking for another job because they will not win enough votes to serve another term. Tell them to get off their butts & start impeachment of this low life muslim & his cronies. Just what obummer needed a trip to Fla. to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods. WHAT A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY. GOD HELP AMERICA – IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!

  11. marvin bradshaw says:


    • Edward Shick says:

      yes , and he came to this country with a Foreign student Card and got a loan to go to school , why was he not sent back to Indonesia when done with school???/

  12. Walter d.Owens says:

    These violations' Will be made public knolidge, And will be vetted' And Congress' the Supreem Court, " In Obamas pocket" Will also be exposed, The American People Have been Pushed to the Wall. Thare is no more backing up. GET ORGENISED!!!

    • Kelly Stomberg says:

      I’m so confused. Are you speaking a different language Walter or are there just that many mistakes and misspelled words? I recommend you brush up on spelling as it makes you look very ignorant. Organized is the correct spelling for your “slogan”. I’m not saying I disagree with what you’re saying, but I can’t even comprehend what you said because of how it looks on “paper.”

      • Edward Shick says:

        She has a good message and at 84 I had no problem knowing what she said , I was not good at English when I was in school , There were people that came out of Grave to vote in this Election,

  13. bobmann101 says:

    It makes no difference what the House does to impeach Obama. The Democratic Senate would never approve it. Even if the full SCOTUS hears and sees all the evidence against Obama they will either dimiss it or the majority will vote in favor of Obama.
    Obama has the money and power backing him so all he has to do is what he is told. I believe he will remain in charge until his big money string pulling puppet masters are finished with him then he will somehow be eliminated. Due to voter fraud placing Obama in office 2 times I am sure the Democrats will take control of Congress after the 2014 election due to voter fraud again. Then Obama will appoint his Supreme Court Justices and that will be the last nail in America’s coffin. I do not think anything or anyone can stop the Obama machine. 99% of the politicians are scared to death of Obama.

  14. Robert Graham says:

    We need to kick all there asses out of office, tell them to get to work! Now!!!!

  15. bobmann101 says:
  16. Linda A. From NY says:

    Most Americans knows and including Congress the obama is not eligible to be president and most Americans knows that voter fraud was committed, yet nothing is being done. Harry Reid has the power to put a stop to all of this nonsense, and yet he won’t do it, and Congress does not have the back bone to stop it. This is corruption at the highest level, These people are all together working on a One World Government, they are the Globalist elite and obama is just a puppet to be used. There is more ugliness to be expected such as the crash of the economy and the RIFD chip to come, which is in the obama healthcare.

    We as Americans are in trouble, our Country is being destroy by a bunch of Globalist
    psychopaths who believes in a One World Order.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda you and I both know the reason nobody will do anything and that is because he is half black and the iggers think of him as one of them.Had he been white his ass would have been outof there.

  17. bobmann101 says:
  18. We the people know this man could never be voted in a second term with the way he handled the first term. I do not believe he was ever voted in legally. A small amount of people went crazy for him but there are so many more of us rural people that did not fall for the hype. He is a disgrace and criminal with his numerous social security numbers, going by an alias, sealing his school records which most of us are certain it is due to fact he applied for free education as a foreign student and it goes on and on. Our government has been hijacked by our enemies and it is time to have our military get them out of our house. Our government officials who choose to keep their jobs had better get on our side or they will have no side. We have had enough and will not sit back and let our country be destroyed which is the agenda of this administration. What has he done in our best interest. He is power hungry and disregarding our laws and Constitution. Time to clean house and get the government under our control as it was meant to be always. Heads will roll and they will be all brought down several notches. It is time they have the same benefits as we the people and then they will not be so quick to sell us out. Then they will save social security and quit giving it away to people who never paid in unless OUR elderly and sick. We have always taken care of our own and will continue to do but these other folks must get with the program or go back home. Learn English for pity sake! No more secret service for life. It is an honor to serve but have a job and life to go back to and don't expect us to support you for life and give you benefits we are not entitled to receive also. Get our businesses back in our country and do away with the federal reserve or come up with a better plan. No more politicians for president. We want good business people that are not controlled by a party. Democrats did this to us and we will never forget. Get him out while we can still own our country and rebuild all he has torn down. Staying on a parents insurance till 27 gives young people no incentive to work or attend school. Really??? Everything this man pushes thru is to our determent. It destroys morals, tears down family values and creates an entitled society. He thinks he will take our guns………….

  19. Kathleen Malek says:

    I knew this the day after the election. I heard all the fraud reports. Nobody was talking about it on Talk Radio or Fox News…This is not right! We need to fight this and get him out before he ruins our country! What can we do to get this national attention?

    • I just posted something about what we can do. It's very disturbing, but we must remain strong and united. G-d bless.

  20. and when some redneck puts muslim wonder into his sights and pulls the trigger all these crooked freaks will be bawling as if we lost a real citizen president-but of course then those hidden records should be revealed and he should not even deserve this USA to pay a penny to bury him-Kenya can do it because he is an indonesian citizen and was born in mombasa

    • Not necessarily a redneck.All the shootings in gunfree zones,save one,were done by left leaning liberal loonies,some were registered democraps.Keep in mind that DC is a gunfree zone.It would be sort of ironic if a staunch supporter became disilusioned by what he has or has not done & felt betrayed by him.Sort of like a mentally unstable jilted lover.Or his puppet master may decide he is no longer useful to their agenda.

  21. The truth is that most Americans cannot make multiple trips every few months to Washington to protest. It would be great if we could have one huge rally in Washington and close the city down. That is the only was they are going to listen to us. Having a few thousand every now and then doesn't even make the news. What could be done by people who cannot travel to Washington?

    • we the people,who are the real government,you are right it is hard to get people,to go to these rallys every few months,but getting every group together under one giant umbrella,for a mass rally is a great idea,we were at the guns across america rally in albany a few weeks ago,it was great,but today because of peoples jobs,age,health issues,you right its a little hard,i have been trying to get all the freedom loving,god fearing american groups to come together,under one giant freedom umbrella,including wayne/nra/amac/john birch society/all militias.even donald thrump stated ovomit/satan in revolution begin,i said no donald an evolution of we the people,the longer we allow these 535 un american treasonous vile traitors in ovomits adminstration,with a few exceptions,the longer this ineligible treasonous traitor will continue his treason.time to communicate/focus/prepare/gather/plan/refine plan.we don,t have to completely like each other,but lets gather for the greater good of we the people,and show up.god bless sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,frank serpcio,and all legal american veternas/citizens.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil/ovomit

    • maybe in the " spring". if it's not to late.

  22. Well WHY IN HELL is SOMETHING BEING DOME TO ARREST the BASTARD? Why keep yaking about it???????????????? DO SOMETHING.

  23. Michael DiLeo says:

    You should have challenged the election, the day after, or at least initiated an investigation. Romney had to have been aware of this and should have had attorneys lined up in every state, challenging the final numbers. The worst thing you could have done, was nothing. Now we're stuck with this man, for another four years. Never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter!

    • Americans are stupid and have no balls….look at congress, sitting on their asses like "yes men" to Obummer and scared shitless should they lose their big fat paycheck and gold plated health care. They only think and care for themselves….they should be thrown out too.

  24. Tell me something I did not know I pay no attention to this guy he is not my president i do as I please and will continue to do so.

  25. spelunker7 says:

    We hear this story over and over. What good does it do to keep repeatng it when nothing ever happens? Do you expect others to pick up this fight and do it for you? Do you have amy ideas, financial support, or actions you have taken, or will take against Obama and all his radicals?

  26. Nels Wiberg says:

    Does Judge Roberts know the difference between right and wrong and will he stand up for right regarding the case he has in the Supreme Court regarding Obama?

    • I get the feeling Roberts knew what he was doing when he declared the obamacare mandate a tax.He was broadcasting to a deaf populace & congress that it was a tax,and as a tax it could not stand because it was introduced by the senate.By law,all tax legislation must be introduced by the House.They still have not heard his message.As the eligibility issue evolves,if they actually study & consider the evidence & not rely on info from court clerks,Mr O & others complicit in his fraud should be gone

  27. IS This a surprise? NOT in the least! Obama was "SELECTED" not Elected! He was Installed, NO other way around that fact!!

  28. Homer, you are correct. This man came from nowhere to run for president and no one checked him out. We grew lazy and let our enemies steal the highest office in the greatest country. Now we must stand up and deal with the problem to save our country. Our government no longer works for us.

  29. Sorry, since the clinton regime, I no longer trust the FBI domestically. Why confiscate the machines now ? To loose them? or sweep them clean? The Rogue CIA covered BHO's enrollment in the Patrice Lamumba Univ. in Russia under his real name of Barry Sotero and invented his background in education, etc. America UNITE and Expel this Impostor amnd his co conspirators! ~Rick Magee, FL * See ya in the 84 REX CAMPS !

  30. So….When he is booted :) what happens? Mitt?

  31. And now Obama makes this man who rigged the machines our secretary of defense….Wow can anyone see what's taking place here???

  32. Edwardkoziol says:

    Now we know why Hagel is getting the job.Chuck never was a real republican he was a RINO like McCain but at least John took Obutthole to tadsk now and then.This election was rigged and no republican fought it.

  33. So far I cannot foresee any court in the US that will allow this evidence not matter how strong into it's court room….cowardice and liars abound in the government and no one is going to toss their butts out….I TRULY HOPE I AM WRONG.

  34. Kevin Miller says:

    I was calling him PRETENDsident oBUMa for almost 5 years! Unfortunately,no one who can do something to rid us of the Sickness in the WH,will,either because they're democraps,rinos,outnumbered
    or just plain scared! And as long as the sultan-in-chief and other demoCRAPS are in charge of the
    laws and goings on in America,True Justice will be null and void…just like Good Voter Sense!


  36. Protest in ways media cannot ignore. Be cool and smart know your stuff cause the in the bag media will do their best to make you look like a crazy

  37. Without voter fraud & chicanery, no way this goon could be voted in again! There just aren't enough stupid people in the world to make that happen!

  38. Aint that some shit!!!!! me and my wife go to vote and ours dont even count me and her BOTH voted FOR THE REAL PRES…president ROMNEY!!!!!

  39. Everyone posting is so frustrated, including me. Take some sort of action. Join FreedomWorks, True the Vote, write to your nutty legislators, attend your local Tea Party think-tanks, but please, do not feel helpless. Get involved. Even if you gave 5 dollars to True the Vote (now in the process of sueing St. Lucie county), you did something! Attending meetings with like-minded people will encourage you. Our nation is at a dangerous crossroads. Everyone who knows this must take action, no matter how small. If we are united, we will always win. We are informed, now we must act on that information (I'm talking to myself, too!) G-d bless freedom loving people.

  40. Edward Shick says:

    there are some county that are checking in Ohio ,,Hamilton County for one and so far have found several cases of Voter Fraud , Columbus had a voting place at Morris and Karl where they were hauling in people by bus fulls , some were Somalian which just moved here and had to have help voting because they could not read or write English,, Wood county has 98,213 eligible voters , 106,258 voted ??? in 21 districts they removed the GOP inspectors ,they went 100% for Obama,, In Cleveland a lot of Romney lawn signs , not one vote for Romney?? We are at a point where we can not wait for next election ,He is a Traitor which has his Communist pals All right there with him ,,, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!!

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