Video: Obama Is An Illegitimate President Says Attorney

The rundown on our Impostor-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

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  1. Is our nation lost yet ???????? Where are our congress members , we need action !

  2. Ihatelibs says:

    why did this Muslim fraud steal social security number 042-68-4425

  3. Peaver Bogart says:

    HELL YES !!! obama is an illegal POTUS ! I hope and pray that Orley gets him out.

  4. Oscar Dar says:

    YOU have just seen the video of Dr, Orly Taitz, the number one "PAIN OF THE SIDE" of Obama, who is America's HERO and PATRIOT, though she was born in Russia. She is relentless pursuing the ELUSIVE AND SLEEK, Kenyan "ILLEGAL POTUS", which she had documented together with some other heroes like: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Dr. James David Manning, Floyd Brown, Jerome Corsi, Mike Zullo, Donald Trump, Denish D'Souza and many more. WE MUST PRAY for the safety of these people, who are upholding the law and preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution.They are the only people who are brave enough to fight OBAMA, fearlessly and openly. The judges who are corrupt and faceless, should be removed like their master "THE SATANIC ANTICHRIST" and Muslim brotherhood plant TO INVADE the USA. They are now working inside and change everything we have . From religion, to government, to our traditional lifestyles, to anything that involves AMERICA WE ALWAYS LOVE, our FREEDOM and LIBERTY. WE MUST WRITE Dr. Orly Taitz and tell her we support her and will protect her life for the same support and protection she is doing for US. With out these MODERN HEROES, who will save us? THE MEDIAS are all in the pockets of OBSMS and they too will pay for their parts not doing their jobs for the American people who are NOW drowning from all the oppressions and abuses of the Obammmm . So LET US ALL SIGN the petition that will send Obmbmt from the White House to the BIG HOUSE with bars and wires around.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      well said Oscar,

      God Bless all of these heros who fighting the corruption and the fraudster that we have in our government, I would like to sign this petition myself.

    • you said a mouthful and i hope this will get osama out on his ass

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    You can have all the proof you want but there is no good republican that will do anything about it .The press is nothing but a lap dog for this half ass coon.We had Jim DeMint and what did he do he quit when the going got tough and the paycheck for Heritage got big and then they knock Sarah Palin for quiting being governor.

  6. I would like to see a group of 100 of the best prominent attorneys join Orly Taitz and file a class action lawsuit against Obama AND against Congress on behalf of the Citizens of America. If there are any attorneys reading this, please contact me and I will co-ordinate this and bring the attorneys together.

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