Video: Obama, Holder Push For Massive Voter Fraud

Chaim Ben Pesach of the Jewish Task Force points out that the push by Obama, his Administration, Eric Holder, the Democrats in Congress, and ACORN to not require photo ID in order to vote can only serve to facilitate massive voter fraud in the coming election.

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  1. There's certainly no legitimate purpose for it! Barack has never shown any legitimate I. D., and now he's president!

  2. he can see all of america is against him now….who cant see it ? the media…..really ? or someone on his payroll …. look at everthing you read, they cant fudge those kind of numbers……

  3. jamesbaxter says:

    if there is massive voter fraud, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, if you have to go over ever vote, HELL ill even help ,

  4. jamesbaxter says:

    ever body knows if it was someone else they would all ready be fired, or impeached,what the people need is a complete investigation into congress, & the white house, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will not last another 3 &a half years,

  5. well i assure you i didn't vote for the liar
    voter fraud means he is not legally president or any thing he has done is null and void because it was done illegally he had no legal right impeach him now stop any more damage and make him repay all he has received in pay for committing fraud as a president not duly elected

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