Video: Obama Gun Ban Demand Triggers Record Sales!

See for yourself:

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  1. mr_bad_example says:

    hell, worked for me, went online and bought one of the last of a kind. 2 days after i ordered it, it was removed from the website. when i paid for the gun yesterday, i was told it was discontinued by the manufacturer (Ruger). i then ordered several Hi-Capacity magazines for it (50 rounds…) those were shipped out, now the same place has them on 2 week back order (i'll have to order more, they are still at the same price!)

    i'll admit i have purchased more guns in the last 3 years than the previous 10 years, that jughead in the whitehouse is a main inspiration. i've also upgraded my NRA membership from Endowment to Benefactor since Obozo was elected. (i was planning on going benefactor in 8 years on my 60th birthday, but i jumped the gun and did it for my 52nd b-day).

    now if obama would talk about banning the sales of new american cars, new construction housing, maybe the economy would surge back in spite of his supreme stupidity. nah, we can't get THAT lucky!

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