Video: “Obama Family Ties To Radical Muslim Groups” For Dummies

Carl Gallups explains…

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  1. Put Malik and his half brother on the end of a very short rope on a big Oak tree!

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    What is the master plan? Obama and Odingga were running the money laundering out of Kenya. Obama’s half brother Malik was running money for the muslim brotherhood in Egypt and northern Sudan. The Jihadis that are in Kenya today were invited in by Obama and Odingga from Somalia and the US. Saudis are behind the Islamic Jihadists and are funding al Qaeda. This is what ambassador Stevens was doing coming into Benghazi before he was ambassador, he was running guns to al Qaeda and Islamic Jihadists backed by Saudi Arabia to destabilize Qaddafi the same way Obama welcomed in Morsi who was elected president after this so called arab spring, which was nothing about destabilizing northern africa in favor of al Qaeda and Saudi arabia, Saudi arabian forces are behind this because Saudi arabia wants to control the price of oil. Saudi arabia does not want any challenge on that including a pipeline in the US which Obama is against, including a war on coal which Obama is running, understand the Saudis have managed to get the price of oil under Obama to over $100/barrel. Saudis want to limit the amount of petroleum on the world market. They also want to eliminate the shiites in Iran and would be happy to force us into a false flag war, CIA supported war in Syria in order to go after Assad who the UN has not said was the cause of the chemical weapons attack. The US military believes their lives have been put into harms way again on lies. Saudis would like to see Assad gone since he is a ally with Iran. Saudis are paying for it (pipeline thru Syria) the same way they are paying for al Qaeda to destabilize Libya, Egypt, Syria, and now Kenya (middle east and africa). Obama is the Saudis current agent in place, following orders from the Saudis. The Dr. published the films of the rebels launching the chemicals and not Assad. UN said it wasn’t due to Assad, Kerry is wrong to send military into harms way not in US interests but will support al Qaeda and Jihadists and other criminals funded by Saudi arabia. Back to the mall: this is the Saudis backing al Qaeda (to kill Christians in the mall) joined by Obama backing al Qaeda. All of this for oil interests of the Saudis to combat Iran, and Obama is in the process of funding al Qaeda threw out northern africa from Libya were we provided weapons now being sent to Syria and ambassador Stevens was in the center and Benghazi is still a lie. It is why Obama won’t tell us what he was doing that night when the 4 died without bringing military to save them. This new world order crowd thinks they can create international structures and international finance and push everyone around on lies of al Qaeda when in fact we are al Qaeda (via our military) the Saudis are al Qaeda and people have got to get that point threw their head.

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