Video: Obama Donor: “Looks Like He Took My Million And Spent It All On Weed”

If I were in Bill Maher’s audience, unlike the rest of the morons surrounding me, I would be laughing AT Maher, not just at his terrible jokes.

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  1. BUCK FILL!!!!!!

  2. looneytoonsindville says:

    Obama's debate performance had nothing to do with Romney's positions. Obama's performance was related to his spending the weekend watching NFL football, smoking a little weed, snorting a little coke and playing with Reggie Love during the commercials.

  3. jalina stutte says:

    Maher should give all of his fortune to Obama so Obama can buy some more coke with his gay boyfriends. Maher deserves what he gets. When you sell your soul to the devil dont be surprised when you wake up in HELL!

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