Video: Obama Confronted On Benghazi – Stutters Through Response!

Obama was confronted the other day by Ed Henry from FOX News, asked if he made an order to protect heroes in Benghazi.  He won’t answer.

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  1. O could care less that four Americans were murdered on American soil and he and his entire administration are trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes with a massive cover-up. IMPEACH!!! Hello Boehner – are you listening??

  2. Wait. He still insists an investigation is necessary for something he already knew about? There's no way you sit in that situation room WITH a live feed and not know first hand what happened. Oh, guess what, Barry. Presidents are responsible for the lives of the Ambassadors they themselves appoint. Ambassador Stevens died on your watch, Barry. Not the guy that made the youtube video. Your watch.

  3. If Obama did give that "Save them at any cost" mandate to the Military, where is the Execute order? Why did General Ham, the Rapid Response Team, the Fast Team, the CIA Agents in the Annex, even the AC-130 pilots all claim they got "Stand Down" Orders instead? This also doesn't take into account Pannetta's testimony that they didn't send in the help because of "Lack of Intelligence, and you just don't drop troops into an unknown battle"…all of these contradict what you are saying LIAR-In-Chief!!

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