Video: Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy

In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to one of the criminal charges,  Hillary Clinton was found to be working with ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi’s wife, Naglaa Mahmood, in attempting to overthrow the current leader of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out all the details about the traitor in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and his Muslim Brotherhood collaborator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Where is the U.S. Congress on these factual revelations?
    This is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. This is called being a traitor. This is called arming the enemy.

    All charges are punishable by death.

    Where is the charges from the U.S. Government against obama and Hillary Clinton?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      There will never be charges Seeks because 90% of congess has no balls to go after Sambo & Hitlary.The few that go against the Messiah are taken to the woodshed by our liberal press.Remember Hitlary and Hume were getting it on in their lezbo love affair and don't forget it was Humas family who were leaders in the muslim brotherhood.The 3 of them should be spending time in the crowbar hotel then shipped to the Sudan.

      • Walter Wolf says:

        We all know Congress will never go after Obama are Clinton, But if the American people unite we can take this great country back. I've been told only about 71% of Americans want to take the country back.
        I think 72% is more then enough, SO let's pull together and get this job done.

  2. WHEN will all this information start coming out???? I can't wait to her what they say!!!!
    Maybe this will bring O down and put Hill behind bars

  3. Walter Wolf says:

    Yea so Obama and Clinton is collaborating with the enemy, we know what is supposed to happen, but it will not ever happen. Think about it the enemy is in the White House and gives Obama advice and tells him how to run our country. To all Americans please wake up and let's take the country back !!!!!!!!

  4. Walter Wolf says:

    When shit like this happens and they are not held accountable it makes me ashamed to call myself an American. Please don't take it the wrong way, I LOVE MY COUNTRY It's the people running it I have no use for them

  5. Don't worry. The Jewish was promised to be protected by the Lord himself. The Jewish are God's favorite and shouldn't be messed with. Remember, the 1948 timeframe when the Israel country has become a recognized country was to take place before the coming of the Lord. When the Israel country is placed into a position where they cannot take care of themselves the Lord will do the job.

  6. nexgenesis says:


  7. Walter Wolf says:

    So you are telling me congress won't do their duty, This is why I keep saying we need to clean up or should I say clean out Washington and start over. If we didn't do our job, we will not be employed very long RIGHT, well they for sure are not doing theirs and should be fired also. As I've said many times before they are our employes that means we are the boss.
    I am so very tired of all the crooked crap going on with our public servants, I say lets fire all their ASSES .
    The time for talking about making the changes is over ,we need to unite and take this great nation back before we loose all our freedom. Obama and his administration wants our guns and please don't forget about how they are forcing us to buy their Health plan. Most of us do not even want it, but if you don't buy it you will be fined out the wazoo. There is a lot of Americans who can not even feed their family's, but the government will make them pay a fine they can not pay. The Government can't force you to buy anything, It is the law, but since the so called President Obama feels he is above the law. He has shown this time after time. I love my country She's mine It's the people running it I have no use for, All I can say is SCREW THEM

  8. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    So Obama lies about his al Qaeda membership, once a lying muslim, always a lying muslim, please kill the muslim-in-chief.

    • Walter Wolf says:

      OK brother or sister, That's wrong on so many levels, yes I do believe he should be held accountable for his treason, and yes possibly put to death. BUT that is not our decision, it would be up to the courts. Until the American people wake up and force him and his whole administration out of office, then and only then will America will be given back to the people.

  9. 1_TRUE_American says:

    Do all Americans need to fly our flag upside down?

    • Walter Wolf says:

      I don't think we are at that point, but I'll be honest with you I have been thinking about that very question for some time. We the people is just what it means. Wake up everyone HINT HINT

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