Video: Obama Classmate Schools Geraldo Rivera About Barry Soetoro

Wayne Allyn Root, Obama’s outspoken classmate at Columbia, appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s radio program to shed light on Barack Obama’s mysterious past.

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  1. GrandmaAmerica says:

    Was a long time fan of Geraldo but but the man is demented. Hes a has been and needs to quit. Go home to your child bride.

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Oshamo is the Liberal politician-pimp – that's all he knows how to do! Geraldo is toast and will never want to see the truth – Investigative journalist, my butt!

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    what's germane is to discern if Oshamo is a hired terrorist elected fraudulently to bring down the USA? That no one bothered to vet him is beyond reprehensible! That Liberal radio guest is in denial and obviously, drank way too much Oshamo koolaid — What a dunce and let's hope he doesn't accidentally go missing like so many others..

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Geraldo Rivera is the biggest scum bucket going the only thing he knows first hand about is divorce.The old son of a bitch is robbing the cradle with this new one.This half a spic tries to pretend he's honest but when he opens his mouth you cantell he's a socialist.When this dickhead says he's for our troops I wonder if he's not like those Afghans who pretend to be friendly then kill American soldiers.It's to bad then when he goes to war torn countries and they shoot at him they miss.No American would miss this asshole if he bought the farm.

  5. IF obama tries to use the military against american citizens i suggest we use everything in our inventory to have a coup to remove this treasonus bastard from office.. the jews didnt put up a fight and look what happened to them…….. from my cold dead hands ….

  6. It's all speculation since the facts are hidden. It is nothing but speculation that BO is elligible or even a US citizen. Native born – possibleWho Are You?? We Really Need To Know!!!!

  7. boy did he just say a mouth full refuses to tell the truth or admit he is an illegal which in turn makes everything he does or implements null and void how can the government let or pass anything he does without proof he is legal in this country his family isn't they should all put their foot down and tell him you will not do or get anything until you prove 100% you are legal or we will impeach you and correct everything you have done

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