Video: Obama Classmate: All Of Us Born In Hawaii Have Same Birth Certificates

Fox News catches up with one of Barack Obama’s grade school classmates…

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  1. It took this long to find a shool class amte? The news is biased and they make me want to puke! Sounds like this woman has been schooled! She is awful young to be hisclassmate! SHUT the hell up you liars Obama is ansd was NOT born here in the U.s.A he is Kenyan born, and indonesian raised!!

    • Dan Stewart says:

      Even if he was born in hawaii, which I doubt, he is NOT a natural born citizen. His father was a british subject, which makes him a duel citizen & NOT elligible to be president. The supreme court defined a natural born citizen about 100 years ago. The present supreme court is too afraid to say anything or do their job.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    The part on the birth certificate starts at 8:45 if you don't want to listen to the love fest dribble this obot extrudes.
    Too bad many other Hawaiian born individuals disagree with you and say they have a different birth certificate than the created one oblameo claims.
    It's also the Nordyke twins she is talking about and they should have a HIGHER bc number than oblameo and his is WAY higher, not just a little, than theirs is.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      The fair and balanced approach one ass kissing Obutthole lover she was probably another Monica Where were his team mates and get their opinion.But O'Reilly believes he was born in Hawaii.

  3. Wow. The biggest load of BS. Surprised we can't see the cue cards.

    So, he was good "at politics"…in 5th grade?? He just happened to be particularly excellent in US history? Really? Even though he was in Indonesia for his first few years of schooling? Pretty sure they weren't teaching US history there.

    And He's so close to those people that we couldn't find any of them to speak out till NOW?

    I'm so sorry I have to bathe, all this horse crap is making me feel dirty. I can't watch this whole thing, it's making nauseous.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    When your interviewing Hawaiians what can you expect.This state is one of the most liberal states in the 50.This
    dumb bitch must realize you can forge a birth certificate.I don't know where Jesse found this Obutthole ass kisser.

  5. CrazyMainer says:

    What a load of hogwash. I wish we could have seen her teleprompter, she had to have one. I wouldn't believe anything she said except 'and' and 'the', and those are doubtful. I think I'm going to be sick.

  6. Obutthole took his family to Africa so they wouldn't be offended by America's Birthday Celebration.

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