Video: Obama: Chris Rock’s Cult Daddy

Chris Rock calls Obama the “Dad” of America. This is reminiscent of how Jim Jones’ cult called him “Father.” This clip outlines some of the basic beliefs of the Jim Jones cult that are similar to Obama’s religious background of Black Liberation Theology.

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  1. One Big Ass Mistake America——–Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated——IMPEACH NOW!!!!!!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    What can you expect from Chris Rock and 90% of colored americans who are looking for this half black Santa to give them everything they want.He also has those white elves Nancy Poopalosi,Denny Hoyer,Chunky Schumer,Chris VanHolland who nver say no to this igger.Lets face the republicans are a bunch of gutless snakes when it comes to taking out this cult.

  3. Deepizzaguy says:

    It is very sobering to think Obama and Jim Jones could be the same version of thinkers. With Jim Jones over 900 people died drinking the Kool Aid.

  4. Larry Strickand says:

    We need to ban Obama,he's nothing but a RACIST,just like Chris Rock.If all the blacks,mexicians,and all others can be racist,and theres alot of it going on,I'm proud and believe what this country was founded on and it waqs not hand outs,and a free ride.I'm WHITE and proud of it, and if you call me a RACIST because I stand up for my rights then so be it.

  5. Linda A. From NY says:

    chris rock is another idiot like jamie fox, these people are sooooo stupid. Anyone in their right mind should not support any of these stupid Celebrities by seeing their movies or buying their cds, to hell with them.

    When America comes down, these celebrities that are nazi supporters will be the first to leave the country just wait and see, these celebrities are traitors too.

    Hey Moron, chris, obama is not my father nor the father of America. This muslim dictator should have been indicted for treason, this muslim will bring America down.

  6. mollyandme says:

    On chris rocks idea that barack hussein obama is our dad, from what I see on TV a lot of blacks don't know who their real dad is so in a sense we of the working class are their dads because we supply the tax money that obama gives to women who don't know who fathered their children so I guess I'm a dad to these fatherless children because I pay taxes to fund theses children. Watch the Maury Povich Show to prove my point.

  7. I want Obama GONE! He is dragging this country and the moral fabric upon which it was built, down to the depths of hell!

  8. Let ONLY those worshipers of Obama drink as much Kool Aid they want.

  9. that is MACK daddy kid

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