Video: Obama Channels Jimmy Carter At The DNC

Normally when one person channels another, it is someone long dead. A ghost of some bygone era.

But when Barack Obama spoke at the DNC, he channeled someone very much alive—Jimmy Carter, probably the worst president that this country has ever had until Obama came along.

The speech Carter gave in 1980 at the DNC is eerily similar to the speech Obama gave two weeks ago. But saying they are similar is an understatement. The same subjects are covered, almost in the same order, and even the same phrases are repeated.

“Big Oil is evil.”

“The Republicans are going to give tax cuts to the wealthy.”

“Americans need to sacrifice because times are tough.”

Etc., etc., etc.

Of course, what it translates into are two failed presidents who destroyed the economy, have created an energy crisis, and so must blame a straw man: the rich and the oil companies.

That times are tough, so let’s all get used to being miserable together.

Reagan rejected this “let’s all be miserable together” for a “let’s all be prosperous together.”

Let us hope America rejects Obama in November like she rejected Carter in 1980.

Let us hope America sends Obama packing and he can go to some other country and be as miserable as he wants, and America can get back to being America.

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