Video: Obama Butchers The Truth! Bolsters Muslim Brotherhood!

At an event honoring Islam at the White House, Barack Obama completely rewrites history.

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  1. Obama is a muslim. THERE REALLY ISN'T ANY DOUBT ANY LONGER. Butchering the truth? It just another series of lies. Why is Obama such as incessant liar? Get and read the July '12 issue of Whistleblower Magazine entitled "WHY OBAMA LIES".

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    At the RNC all week, we heard person after person make one simple statement: God bless you, and God bless America!
    What we will hear throughout the DNC this coming week will be: Allah Akbar!
    Is there really any doubt who and what controls our WH?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Seeks you will also hear that horn or whatever it is for the call to prayer.The one Obunghole likes to hear when reading his love letters from Chris Matthews and Sandra Fluke.Have you heard Sandra's there forthe pleasure of Slick Willy Clinton

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        I saw the lineup the DNC has and I'm saddened and also dismayed.
        As a one time Democrat who came from a family of Democrats and as a previous Union Official, who's family helped bring in the first Miners Union in Bloody Harlan, I don't recognize the Democratic Party anymore.
        My Grandfather is rolling over in his grave right now.

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          On my mothers side her family were all democrats but today I believe they would be changing.
          especially since the dems are endorsing the muslim religion and not christianity.I can't blame your grandfather for rolling when you look at what Oblameo did to the coal industry.

  3. It is disguisting! His goal is to make this a muslium country. How did we let the democrats become so infected without knowing this till now. We have been sold out. They will go to whatever lengths to keep the muslium in office and we must do whatever to get him buried in prison or out of our country without the option of ever returning. We are in a fight for our freedom and our way of life. This is their one and only chance and they are willing to murder us to impliment their agenda. Wake Up people it is now or never. Our freedom may already be gone and we are the last to know. God Bless America!

  4. William J Smith says:

    Politicians are allowed to stretch the truth in advertising but they are not allowed to completely reinvent the facts..

  5. My family has always been die hard Republicans. And I still hold that tradition, with the exception of “die hard”…….I do not vote straight party line. I am disgusted, and furious with the lack of balls and backbone of my party, and so I will vote for anyone who is not an IN CUM BENT! No demoncraps however. They are all INFECTED with the DISEASE known as “islam”, or my spelling of it, IS SLIME, and I do not care to be infected with even a small amount of this deadly and toxic disease. I want no part of it, in any part of my nation. Every disease carrying SLIME should be either sent from our land, or eradicated in such a manner as to ensure than this is never again spread even one inch into any area of any neighborhood in America again! Start with the Head of the Disease in Office, and work on down, into Dearborn MI, and out into the rest of America. Eradicate this Disease, and all the other Germs, and Toxins, and the Centers for the Spread of this Disease, which go by the name of “mosques” and rid of nation once and for all, of this most deadly and destructive Germ Warfare! Never allow anything of it’s nature to gain a foothold in America again! This is not “peaceful” and it is not a “religion” by any means at all! This is a DISEASE OF THE MIND! And it is not to be taken lightly. It is to be taken as deadly serious as any plague ever known to man before! It spreads, and it kills, kills all that it touches! It MUST BE DESTROYED! ALL OF “IT” AND ALL OF THE “IT”S” THAT STILL LIVES AND SPREADS ACROSS AMERICA LIKE WILDFIRE! IS SLIME KILLS!!!!!!!!!

  6. I have thought for a long time that it is not socialists or communists we should fear, it is the islams. I cannot understand how any rational person could vote for this person again, knowing all we know about him and his agenda. He doesn't respect our constitution, our flag, our national anthem, our pledge of allegeince, our first and second amendments, our servicemen and women, or us. He gives our tax dollars to muslim countries, bows down to muslims, while refusing to salute our flag. He is now harping on Gov. Romney, saying that he hasn't really laid out any plans for the country, while at the same time he hasn't passed a budget in four years, millions more on food stamps and unemployed, (regardless of what he says to the contrary) by passed congress and signed in laws of his making, forced his health care on us. Now he is out running down Gov. Romney and repeating the same things he did the first time. If he gets elected, by any means, our country will be completely gone as we know it. God bless America and God bless Seeks the Truth. He and I had a little misunderstanding from our last posts. I apologize, and I know that we both seek the truth as we are concerned deeply about the condition of our country.

  7. Even when the bastard is voted out, the investigation MUST continue into this frauds entire life story,who he really is, where he comes from and all those who has protected this criminal this entire time, MUST be brought to light so we can prevent this from ever happening again!

    WE MUST REMEMBER, OBAMA had fooled the American people during the last election of 2008, with his LIES AND FABRICATIONS. Now, it has been quite clear, that he had violated the Constitution and the laws of our AMERICA. The bypassing Congress and instead issued an executive orders which are unconstitutional, which are considered impeachable and "TREASONOUS". He violated the immigration law by not enforcing them and instead sued Arizona for enforcing it.. Now after all these violations of laws and our Constitution, he is now LYING BIG BY CHANGING THE HISTORY, while brainwashing the people, by painting a VERY BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF THE MUSLIMS and the Muslim Brotherhood.. WE HAVE A NO-GOOD, NO BRAIN CONGRESS AND LEGISLATORS who are not doing their jobs and defending the rights of the people. We have been under attack since this ILLEGAL PRESIDENT occupied the While House. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO DECIDE TO DO THE RIGHT THING TO STOP THIS ATTACK AGAINST OUR BELOVED AMERICA AND EVERY WHICH WAY and everywhere we look…GOD HELP US…

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