Video: Obama AWOL At Chris Kyle’s Funeral!

Chris Kyle was credited with the most sniper kills ever, and his Commander in Chief was AWOL as he supposedly was during Benghazi as well. Sarah Palin took the time to attend; that says all you need to know about Bozo.

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  1. That was expected,this Muslim does not give a rats only about himself and the Muslim Brotherhood

  2. Obama is a racist Muslim

  3. Well, it's already evident Obama doesn't care anymore. I mean, he never did care to begin with but, he wanted to appear as though he did care during his first illegal term. Now that he's got a second one, he doesn't care. The way he figures it, he's running everything, what are they going to do about it? He's got what he wanted, he doesn't feel like he has to look good to the voters anymore. At least, when he's not on stage. Why, if you asked him why he didn't attend the funeral he'll sternly tell you, "I was being the president. Now, STFU." You know. The usual excuse.

  4. Soon Is Not Soon Enough Mr. Zolna!

  5. Linda A. From NY says:

    This is proof that obama cares nothing for our military men, nor does he has any respect for our brave men.

  6. Gland In My Hand says:

    Beats me how this bloke remains in power!

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    I know Gabe was right if it was a black soldier he would have been right there but being white he couldn't take time off from his campaign agenda and the Ape and the niglets couldn't leave the ski resort that the public pays for.When you come down to to it all he uses the military for is photo ops.This jigaboo is a scumbag bum when it comes to the military.

    • Lets see now reverend james manning,scolded barrack Obama for hours on radio,because Obama didnt Care about the girls death, and it took a wbitehouse petion to get even his wife to attend,and they kept the body out of the ground waiting for a response,please I beg of all the readers to go to you tube and watch for your self the disappointed americans, that are Against Obama, I spend most of my day researching Obama,and I found that it took a petition to get attention. Obama has done zero for blacks. And see also Blacks against Obama .Check out” before it’s news ” also always read comments, on news . Then Check out both sides. I still get people that dont even know about Obamas muslim statements .or bowing to muslim king, or One million given to,kenya elections,or funding cut %50 for utilities for the poor ,awhile loaning 6billion to egypt?,tbe drone strikes, tons of law suites, against him. But folks Obama Care will be the straw that snaps our back, Obama has slam dunked us we’re full GMO ,and we dont even know if it’s our foods, fluoride,chem trails this is real stuff that a good president would take action to protect it’s people.when I get attacked by pro Obama followers ,I tell them feel free to attack me all they want, Im just a pawn, my job is to keep you busy wiill others are doing other work. When their picking on me,their leaving someone else alone.

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