Video: Obama Anti-Israel Says New Viral Video

Watch the video that has received almost a million hits in the last four days. It’s premise: Obama, contrary to his rhetoric that he “has Israel’s back,” is actually anti-Israel and pro-Islamic extremist.

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  1. Al Metcalf says:

    Think People Think.
    Have you listened to Obama and his speeches from overseas? Did you see his open mik moment with Russia? Did you listen to what he told the MB in Egypt? Do you understand English, Obama said to the MB, Watch and you will see what I will do for you!!! What do you think that meant, that he was going to give them all lollipops? Egypt is completely changed, Libya is completely changed, Tunsia is completely changed, Syria is under revolution and will soon be completely changed. Next will come Lebanon and Jordan and who do you think they will be changed? Every country so far has ended up under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and so will Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Remember what Obama told the MB! 'Watch and you will see what I will do for you'. What did you think he was saying????
    Obama is right now lying because he needs more time to do his dirty work he needs to be reelected so he can finish his mission. Who put Obama through college? Who put Obama through Law School? Obama went to school on Saudi money and it was arranged by the MB in Houston, Texas… Obama is all BS and he is a sleeper within our country. WAKE UP and PAY ATTENTION…..

    • People really need to do research on Valerie Jarrett's Father-In-Law (Vernon Jarrett) and his connection to Al-Mansour (sp). It's time to wake up and smell the Jihadist flames burning the American Flag on our Door Step!!

  2. Irena: "I'm not sure…." Well, you certainly should be by now. For crying out loud!
    "There's a troubling pattern…." Really—it's people like you who wiffle-waffle around with your words instead of coming right out and saying this guy pulled a smooth one on you and he isn't going to get your vote this time around, period!! Still with the PC……….I'm sick and tired of it………grow up!!

  3. get obama out….now impeach and imprison him and all the corrupt croonies around him…

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