Video: Obama And Hitler Messiah Worship Compared

The Black Liberation doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years in Chicago teaches — much like the reverse of what Hitler’s doctrine taught — that the black race is God and will produce a black messiah.

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  1. Oh yes Hitler and Obama and both have a lot in common being of course LIBERALS

    • Not only liberals, they both fooled the world! Like Hitler, Obama targeted and won the middle class by giving them and promising free stuff. Those who voted for Obama are idiots. Hitler, too spoke to the middle class, pitting them against Jews and then he killed millions. Obama will destroy America as well by doing what he does best (NOT Governing), just organizing and remaining on the campaign trail until his term ends. Hopefully, he can be impeached for all the corruption, but I will not hold my breath. He is a dumb ass with numbers, he said it and stated he could not go pass 7th grade math. It shows! He is evil because he felt he never knew his biological dad, so he hates the world.

      • Questionman says:

        Try again, Hitler was a radical right wing authoritarian fascist just like today's GOP. He hated the communists and liberals.

        You are an racist scumbag! That's what you are! I'm sick of you racist sore losers insulting me and other Americans for NOT voting White and giving you your lily white America back! That's too freaking bad!

        Comparing Obama to Hitler is as way over the top as it was when the same comparison was made with Bush. but then again, that IS you hateful racist's forte!

        • to questionman the moron,
          You forget that in 2008 many people of all races voted for your black messiah, and he had no reason to cheat. His party used the dead people for votes. He did not have to cheat the first time, everyone love him at the time, including myself.

          Had he done a good job, I would have voted for him in this election, obama did not keep his word and has made many mistakes. We can not afford 4 more years of the same nonsense. Is that hard for you to understand? many young people voted for him, and now when they graduate from college they will not have a job, that is a betrayal to these young people. obama healthcare is killing future jobs and you have the nerve to call people racist?, if obama continues with his way of thinking he will transform this country into another third world nation with the sharia law. Why don’t you do research on this man and stop making a fool of yourself defending this black Hitler.

        • maxinegridi says:

          Actually, Hitler was … just like the communists he hated … a radical power-hungry, dictatorial socialist!

          The only reason Hitler hated the communists was because, whenever tyrants seek to be the number one dictator, they will naturally hate other like-tyrants that are jockeying for the same position (pretty much the same way the Obozos and Clintons hated one another during the 2008 democrat primaries)!

          And so even though they were two peas in a pod, both Obomo and Shrillary saw the other as the 'enemy' … and they hated each other!

          Oh, by the way … and contrary to popular socialist propaganda … Hitler was not a right-winger at all! He was a radical left-winger … which is what socialism is all about! Just thought you'd like to know! No need to thank me!

  2. Peaver Bogart says:

    The only way Osambo won the election is through massive voter fraud.

    • Questionman says:

      Like you'd be doing anything other than celebrating if Romney has squeaked by a win.
      You obviously don't read much, or only read the daily KOS and Briebart Report. As for the 140%, that error was due to early voting tabulation backups being run twice and it was corrected, and it only dealt with a house seat in Florida.

      As for the 100% counties, there were 9 of them, all in Philadelphia, and all 100% black.

      To accuse our president of voter fraud is the epitome of ignorant. Romney lost, get over it.. You're just a sore f loser but don't have enough common decency to admit it.

      • to questionman Moron
        please correct yourself NOT our president, your president, he is not my president I did not vote for this monkey muslim.

  3. 2 Thessalonians 2 speaks of the great falling away from Christ….This is what withholds the man/men of sin from being revealed… God knows we are there now in America..
    Another thing that stopped the man/men of sin from being revealed is satan was chained in hell for 1000 years …It does not say how long after the 1000 years, but Isuspect it now.

  4. Speaking of visions I have had several… One in 1980s..We were driving past a building that appeared to be a house of worship…I had no idea of what religion …I knew absolutely nothing about Islam and had never seen a mosque before..
    The vision was of a figure inside the building that was composed of black air…I knew it was satan… I also knew he was plotting and planning and waiting…
    I asked my husband what the building was and he told me a mosque…
    Years later I had not one minute of doubt that the allah the muslim profess to be the God of Abraham is really satan..

  5. maxinegridi says:

    The same wicked spirit that once indwelled Haman; and then Hitler; now indwells that modern-day Hitler who is illegitimately occupying 'we the (American) peoples' white house!

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