Video: Obama And Hillary Apologize For Free Speech On Pakistani TV

Obama and Hillary Clinton coddle the Pakistani people in deference to American’s right to Free Speech.

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  1. They have NO right to apologize for we the people. This is absurd…bowing down to the Muslim countries. We need the radical muslims out of this country right now!!!!

  2. The American people absolutely reject Hillary and Obama
    All that's needed now is for our congress to do something about it

  3. We should never apologize for our free speech, we should apologize for those who use freedom of speech irresponsibly, but if the truth is being told tough. The muslim religion is a religion of immoral beliefs, and should not be placed on a pedistal like Muslims seem to be doing. Like they are better than Christians, who worship the son of God.

  4. Why? I saw the video. It was horrendous, but not inaccurate. I suppose that's why they're so angry. The truth hurts.
    Yikes! Hillary, what did you do to yourself? I understand your need to try and make yourself equal to a man. But, looking like one? What's wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaace?

    • She is UGLY from the INSIDE OUT! Her behavior, her attitude, her ANTI American bullcrap is coming from the inside out, and it is dragging her face down. She makes the rearend of an ugly dog look like a beauty! She deserves every wrinkle, every spot, every bit of her age showing, and then some. I have to say, old Slicky “DIckhead” Willie don’t look so good either, those bags under his eyes look like the Pillsbury Doughboy lives inside his head. The lives that they both have lived, and are still living, telling lie after lie, and betraying their own people is showing on their faces, evil has a way of doing awful things to the people who allow themselves to wallow, and bathe in such filth as they both do. Crime might pay in finances, but it takes a lot of a toll on those who are known criminals, such as Cankles and Dickhead Clinton. Both of them are an example of what wicked living will do to those who choose such a life for themselves. Neither have dignity, nor honor. Yes, she has gotten ugly enough to stop a frieght train dead in it’s tracks. So has he.

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