Video: Obama Administration Proposes Race-Based School Discipline System

The Obama White House thinks that schools are providing too much discipline to black students, and it is proposing race-based quotas for school suspensions. That’s right, affirmative action for school discipline. Could Asian students be disciplined more to meet quota requirements? Hear what race-based school discipline means for American education.

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  1. Disgusted says:

    I guess disipline if ok, as long as it does not touch black children. God knows we wouldn’t want to teach them not to behave as their real, true ancestors behave to this day…………screaming, jibbering, loud, obnoxious, destructive, violent, self demeaning, hateful, and useless. No, we wouldn’t want them to stop selling drugs, to make music instead of the thumping, banging, violence spreading, demeaning words that an intelligent HUMAN being could understand, and like! And no, we can’t have them going to school, and actually LEARNING anything constructive, or giving them a future other than the ghettos that they seem to like living in. Absolutely not, we simply cannot have CIVILIZED behavior from these “people”! It just won’t do! We do not need black people, we need these other creatures who behave as if they have no humanity at all inside themselves. We don’t need a race of people who want to better themselves, we need them to always be the animals that they were treated as when their relatives were the slaves that came before. Back then, they were treated as so much live stock, and today, they ACT like so many animals, so maybe that’s what they want, to be treated as their own relatives were treated. Because if we disipline them when they are young, they MIGHT JUST BECOME MORE THAN THE ANIMALS THEY BEHAVE LIKE TODAY!! We white people have tried everything possible to HELP these creatures, and somewhere along the line, they lost the desire to become respectable and productive HUMAN BEINGS, and digressed back to their original natures it seems……………………and they want to blame everyone else for their deliberate stupidity! Prime example of this type of behavior…..Barack HUSSAIN Obama, “it’s not my fault, it’s George Bush’s fault”………nothing is “his fault”…..ever.

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