Video: Obama Accused Of Staging A Chemical Weapons Attack

Foreign Policy magazine did an amazing bit of investigative reporting two weeks ago. They got the Obama administration to leak a classified cable—marked as “secret”—describing how Syrian dictator Bashar Assad had lobbed a chemical weapon on his own people in the city of Homs—murdering five and sickening dozens. They got the Obama administration to “anonymously” comment on the cable, giving extensive details about how the information was gathered, what group put together the information, and even pried from the mouth of the beast that the information came from a State Department-funded group called BASMA, which oddly doesn’t seem to exist. Also oddly, the mysterious chemical weapon canister that was lobbed into the city doesn’t seem to exist either.

The article also has an amazing video compilation of Syrians supposedly choking on poison gas, choking on their vomit, breathing into respirators, and cursing that evil dictator Bashar Assad.

Foreign Policy magazine even despatched an army of reporters to Homs, interviewing victims and the doctors who treated the victims and were especially interested in a neurologist by the name of Dr. Nashwan Abu Abdo.

The good doctor did an extensive examination of the dead victims, especially taking body samples for evidence. Per the article:

The doctors on the scene said they were not able to pinpoint the poison because they lacked the advanced laboratory equipment needed. They took blood, hair, saliva, and urine samples, but those samples are no longer viable for testing because too much time has passed, they said.

Now, the attack is stated to have taken place on December 23, 2012. Twenty-three days later, on January 15, the Foreign Policy article was written. Anyone who has even a modicum of forensic knowledge knows that blood and urine will retain traces of poison for months if not years; and hair, when poison is ingested through the lungs, absorbed by the blood stream, and then passed into the hair, will retain the poison for literally centuries, assuming full decomposition hasn’t occurred. Many will remember Napoleon Bonaparte’s hair being tested for arsenic poisoning in 2008. So Foreign Policy’s quote that “samples are no longer viable for testing” is ludicrous.

Lo and behold, on January 28, it was revealed through a huge document dump from a hacker based in Malaysia that the UK-based mega defense contractor Britam was approached about lobbing a chemical weapon in Homs, blaming it on Assad, and scapegoating the Russians for delivering the canister.

The plan was “approved by Washington.” Yes, that means Barack Obama was in on it.

Among the hacked Britam documents were copies of passports of the mercenaries who planned on carrying out the proposed attack; but the key document is an email between Britam director David Goulding and the company’s founder, Philip Doughty.

Phil, We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW [chemical weapon] to Homs [city in western Syria], a Soviet origin g-shell [gas shell] from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion? Kind regards-David.

It appears that the idiocy of lobbing an Obama-approved chemical weapon on the Syrian people was too much even for our Commander-in-Chief; and a pseudo false flag was instead devised, as evidenced by the ludicrous statement in the Foreign Policy article that urine, blood, and hair samples couldn’t be tested for poison days after they were taken.

The so-called “civil war” in Syria, the alleged chemical attack, is nothing more than a globalist push led by Barack Obama, using al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-linked terrorists posing as Syrian rebels so that Obama and NATO’s illegal war in Libya can have a repeat performance in Syria.

Before NATO, with Obama at the helm leading the Charge of the Light Brigade into Syria occurs, let a forensic lab in the United States analyze the body samples from the chemical weapon victims to see if in fact there was a chemical attack.

I doubt, however, that any samples were taken because the chemical attack was a sham in order to justify a U.S./NATO invasion of Syria.

America, if Obama is in fact involved in this, impeachment would be only the beginning…

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  1. Mutantone says:

    Here is the real story" led by Barack Obama, using al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-linked terrorists posing as Syrian rebels" from what we can see in the recent event the only group that Obama is out to assist and render "Aid and comfort" is the Muslim Brotherhood as shown by his effort for the "Arab Spring" and the other events that have empowered the Brotherhood over all other, using American troops, equipment and funds to do so. I still want to know what Obama did in Pakistan, a home front for the Muslim Brotherhood, in those college years. And just how much has the Brotherhood spent to get him in power to allow them access to our Homeland Security, the White House and the Office of the Secretary of State?

  2. So where are the chicken shit scum bag republicans on this?? They are useless as usual. Frauds.

    • The Republican Party is moving to the political center…they could care less about conservatives on the right. We are on our own.

      • The tea parties are working at the grass roots level to get good people elected but it's way past time to dump the republican party forever and form a well funded tax payers party. If that can happen we have to make double sure we don't allow any RINO's to infiltrate.

        • I'm with you!!!
          Got any ideas?

          • See if the huge organization TeaPartyPatriots will respond. I fear they have been infiltrated with RINO's just enough to through them off course. Also ask Mark Meckler if it would be a good idea. I saw Mark speak last week and he said that the grass roots is finally doing what the communist have been doing for 60 years and that is digging up all the dirt on the krat kandidate and inform the registered voters. Mark said it's working greater than ever expected and that we will not hear about it the main stream news. And I say shame on Fox News for not helping us. I would add that republican campaigns are dumber than dirt still. They should spend their mailing and calling money on registered krats only as the conservative already know how to vote. Explain the multi mansion jet flying lifestyles of the real pigs at the trough and ask why we would support these theives at tax payer expense. When the cameras go off both parties are laughing all the way to the bank including the campaign management teams. They all get rich no matter who wins. That's what Mark Meckler explained. Man are we slow in exposing how this system really works.

        • madhatter15 says:

          I appreciate the tea parties efforts but i really wish they would let th epeople choose who is going ot run, they are not qualified from the looks of it to choos for me. I still remember them tyalking about how good looking Paul Ryan was , Rothchild puppet, they had CFR members like john Bolton , givcving speeches for them and vbaarious thing slike this, I am a woman and I couldn't care less if a senator is good looking as long as he does his job. I have ot agree with you nebreht, we need a new well funded party, I switched to independent just before this election, .

          • Hardly anyone on our side even knows about the CFR/TL and other groups who form policy for the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. The controlled news has amerikahns thinking that China is the Federal Reserve. All administrations have been around 98% staffed with CFR and from 1971 both CRF and TL. Amerikahns are born in front of a controlled news television and are turned into zombies who think they are in the know. Pathetic I'm afraid.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Bob you are right the republican party is a party of appeasers.I believe in voting out all RINOs

  3. BlueViolets says:

    Nothing he does surprises me any more. If Satan can think it up obama will order it done and Congress will approve of it too.

  4. Too complicated and convoluted…not enough solid facts to form an opinion.

  5. Oscar Dar says:

    WE MUST realize that numerous incidents and occasions in the past, that Obama had been guilty of IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES, yet nobody dared to impeach him. Obama has been on the ropes all the time, but nobody do not CARED to FINISH HIM with a simple PUNCH to put him out of our COUNTRY for good. So, WE MUST PRAY, that somebody along the way will have the NERVE to manage to get rid of OBAMA. He is RIDDLED WITH VIOLATIONS in every which way. IF THERE IS ANY ONE WHO COULD LEAD US, to march to Washington and demand Obama's resignation or CITIZENS ARREST. WE are running out of options, except EXPOSE ALL OBAMA'S INELIGIBILITY and his violations of laws, from HIS birth certificate, to his passport numbers. social security number, his father was born in Kenya, and he himself, claimed he was born in Kenya. What more do we have to prove of his INELIGIBILITY, unless he wants to prove it to US. By the way, according to some experts, Obama could not be impeached, because he was not actually not ELIGIBLE to be president because of his father who was not American citizen. But, our problem now is how to get rid of him, since nobody is BRAVE ENOUGH TO REMOVE HIM FROM HIS OFFICE. WHAT CAN WE DO NOW…Good luck to US.

  6. You have to wonder if someone in Washington is behind all these school shootings too. I know its typical for copycats but ?

  7. Just ONE more impeachable offense added to the Dictators rap sheet(to be)

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    This creep we have for a president would do anything like selling guns to the drug cartels so staging a chemcal weapon attack isn't far fetched

  9. Neal Martin says:

    Mr. Obama, if you do anything to infringe on my right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd amendment you are again violating the Constitution of the United States of America. This is a criminal act for which you could, and in my opinion should, be impeached.

  10. disgusted says:

    I repeat, and repeat………….HANG THE BASTARD AND ALL OTHER BASTARDS AND SONS OF/DAUGHTERS OF BASTARDS! NONE DESERVE THE MERCY AND COMPASSION THAT THEY DAILY DENY THOSE OF US IN AMERICA, and DENY REPEATEDLY, THOSE PEOPLE IN OTHER NATIONS! America FIRST, and let the rest tend to themselves however. NO MORE WARS AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICA AND AMERICAN LIVES! If the SLIMEY MU SLIMES WANT TO KILL EACH OTHER, THEN LET THEM………….LET THEM GO TO THEIR “72 virgins and rivers of honey!” Frankly, my dears, I don’t much give a damn if they all go to hell, or anywhere else, only that THEY ALL GO! ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!!!!!!!!! Hell is the best place for them! I hate MU SLIMES, and I HATE, LOATHE AND DEPISE LIBTURDS! libshits…………

  11. Just how much will the world let him get away with before they put him on trial for war crimes? and treason?

  12. All the judges and politicians are scared to death of him. They are all cowards and guilty of violating the Constitution. (depriving everyone of their Constitutional Rights. )

    • disgusted says:

      Rocky said what I have been hearing and reading about now, for the past 4, going into 5 years………..that those in places of power, are afraid of him………..but the question is WHY? Afraid for their jobs, families or what? If all of them, or the majority of these spineless, ball-less, mindless, useless freak ups were to stand up against this igger, this mu SLIME, this ENEMY in office, there is no way he could kill them all, or damage them irrepairably. I mean, this peice of igger garbage in office cannot possibly kill us all, or even imprison all of us. Fear isn’t the whole reason for the lack of leadership, or defending what they swore to defend when put in their offices of leadership………..I refuse to beleive that fear alone is driving these bastards. There is more to it, and my bet goes to the side of they all APPROVE of what this EVIL ENEMY, THIS KIND SHIT OF TURD MOUNTIAN IS DOING! They LIKE IT! These people like this destruction of our nation, and for that, THEY NEED TO BE AFRAID OF WE, THE PEOPLE! We, The People need to instill the FEAR OF AN ANGRY NATION INSTEAD OF ONE LONE, SKINNY, UGLY, APE LOOKING MU SLIMEY ENEMY WHO HAS INFECTED OUR NATION WITH HIS BRAND OF SICK, TWISTED, MENTALLY DERANGED, GOD HATING, AMERICAN HATING AGENDA OF OUR DESTRUCTION! We, The People have GOT TO DESTROY THOSE TRAITORS AND THEIR HELLISH IDEAS WHICH ARE INTENT ON DESTROYING NOT ONLY OUR NATION, BUT WE THE PEOPLE ALSO! And, the only way to do this is to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE! HUSSEIN HAS ATTACKED US, AND WE NEED TO RESPOND IN KIND BEFORE HE/IT FINISHES WHAT HE/IT BEGAN IN 2008!!!!!! We may be next on the agenda of this staging an attack on us just as he/it did in Syria. And elsewhere, because he has been behind those “arab springs” so far, and how many of us will die before we realize it is up to us to STOP BEFORE IT ENDS???????

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