Video: Obama Accepts Bin Laden Donations!

Using a Pakistani Internet Protocol and proxy server, a disposable credit card, and a fake address, “Osama bin Laden” has successfully donated twice to Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign.

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  1. Well, if he loses, he'll at least have enough money left over to flee the country in a hurry. Although, maybe authorities will get lucky and catch him on the field in the middle of his mid-swing. That's assuming a mob of angry citizens doesn't get to him first. XD

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Maybe Obutthole had him killed because he was to cheap in his donations after all Soros was donating millions.Obutthole could care less if he was taking illegal donations.Blackie Carbon has no morals whatsoever.

  3. Barry took donations from Russia last election and nothing was done about it. I heard that his campaign received millions from one Russian donor, but that was never investigated either. Barry can do anything and get away with it because he is above the law. If you don't believe that watch and see if anything comes of this. He's a communist and so is the Democrat party. Vote Romney for capitalism or Barry for communism.

  4. Linda from NYC says:

    obama feels he is above the law, he just don't care, I don't understand why this man is not impeach?
    If this was another white president, his ass would have been done. And still these ill informed useful idiots will vote for this crook in office and now here in NYC we have the mayor endorsing this crook. I am so angry and disgusted with these traitors. The mayor of NYC is Jewish, he is endoring obama who not only hates American but hates Israel, to me this mayor is a traitor on both America and Israel and shame on him, God will deal with these traitors.

  5. mr_bad_example says:

    it would be poetic justice if obama was arrested as he exited the white house on 1/21/13 and all his staff taken into custody in a dragnet affair, and it was all captured by fox news. romney should prepare as his fist act, the arrest of obama and all his henchmen, chicago could lose 9.5 finger rahm…

  6. Obammy is a traitor, evil, Far-Left Socialist, Communism, Terrorist, Islam, Jihad and Muslim. The Lap-Dog Media is not reporting anything negative about "O", just good things as they seem bent on his re-election.. They are reporting negative things about Romney & made up things that don't exist. ABC, CBS, NBC, MNBC, CNN and Times Magazine are on "O" campaign fund. That is why no one has heard of the Benghazi on the national news. There are other channgels, magazine & newspapers. I have boycotted these channels. I do watch my one channel that has local news & programs only. Fox News has done wonders with the Benghazi & other in things "O" has done. Yes it would be poetic justic if he was arrested on Nov. 6th,2012. Soros needs to be arrested. He wants the USA brought to its knees.

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