Video: Oath Keepers Vow To Keep Oath That Obama Breaks

Hundreds of current and former soldiers and police made a pilgrimage to Lexington and Concord, the site of the opening rounds of the U.S. Revolutionary War. to reaffirm their solemn oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…

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  1. Angry Man says:

    I would like to know when enough is enough for the oath keepers to act on their oaths to take this foreign/domestic enemy out on sight. And take congress out too for going against the constitution and allowing this usurper to pass illegal laws such as Obamacare. Are the oath keepers waiting until they take our guns too? If oath keepers wanted to breach the white house and congress, there would be no one to stop them.

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    God Bless these men, these Oath Keepers, standing up for what is right. This bogus prez has trample on our Constitution and do nothing congress just allows it. Why? is it because there more concern about their cushy jobs? rather then take a stand and defend the Constitution? as soon as this nazi regime tries to take away people's guns, there is going to be a revolution, it's just a matter of time.

  3. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Stay strong, stand united against ALL enemies of the constitution!

  4. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    So is it any wonder why the former LAPD officer is going rogue?? LAPD is entirely corrupt and the politicians of California are all in bed with this corruption…average citizens are beginning to revolt, some for their own reasons..forget the looney psychologists who commit mental masturbation on television by calling these average citizens self centered with deep rooted anger — NO! Rather it is the level of corruption that puts people over the edge..if there are bad cops, bad politicians, then what will be, will be…they started the corruption and they will do themselves in by the constant pressure by the average citizen…

    • @Not Fooled, I thought the same thing when I saw this the other evening on the “news”. “Is it any wonder” that MORE don’t do the same thing, yes, it is a wonder they don’t! With all common sense going down the toilet, into the drains of corruption, it is a wonder that the people of this nation have not already “gone rogue” themselves. LAPD is so corrupt that they make a joke of what real law enforcement is truyly about. To those like myself, this is no surprise. Officers lay their lives on the line for what, these days? So that a corrupt judge or personality, can turn on them, and make their efforts and sacrifices all null and void, turn the criminals back onto the streets to cause more damage. I do not find it at all surprising that this man went insane, what I do find surprising is that more have not already done so. But wait, there is more to come, of this same brand of insanity, and it will come from those whom we depend upon for keeping what peace there may be had, on our streets and in our homes. The Chicago police are no longer sending their officers to scenes of crimes………..and this behavior, or lack of, will only spread from city to city, and state to state as time passes. And it will not surprise me at all, if other officers don’t just lose their minds and repeat the performance of this one angry man in Lost Angles ………no, not a typo, LA is A LOST city. The Angels are gone………………………

      • Not fooled in Nevada says:

        What will be, will be. The conflict today is that law abiding citizens want their government to abide by the laws — but Government doesn't, so why should the citizenry? There will be a time of lawlessness and chaos the end result. And if this is what the elections are all about, then vote accordingly. If Democrats represent what's wrong (to encompass all the issues in one word), then never vote for a democrat, blue/purple, no matter what that individual claims to be or will do once voted in. The bottom line is that every American ought to vote for Tea Party candidates simply because they do not want to be a part of either party in any mixed way. Tea Party platforms are quite specific, straightforward and pretty simple to understand.

        In sum, this marxist-stalin administration wants to put our citizenry in a mental dilemna, to make them question their ideas of what is right and wrong. This administration is twisting those values and is banking on you to "move" or "nudge" in their direction by giving you bennies, cookies, candy — anything to suck you in..Be resolute in your mind and you will do the right thing no matter what the circumstance. It is called having principles and the ability to discern..never listen to Obama and any other democrat or RINO — they have fallen for the koolaid, became infected..

        The next wave of this nudging is Clinton — most popular politician?? Now that is a crazy assessment — this woman is responsible for the death of 4 brave Americans and the best she can say to their families ism "we'll get that video maker". I've got news for Hillary — nothing short of a public hanging will make her popular. Remember all of this new world order crap began under Billy-boy who has trouble keeping it in the pants and Hillary is the quasi-feminine version of this order surge. She has done absolutely nothing as Secretary of State — she made our world worse off in similar ways as Oshamo the fraud..

      • Not fooled in Nevada says:

        I don't even think this guy is "angry" — he probably was a few years ago and now he probably feels just great because he has made a decision and is going to settle for the end result, whatever that may be..and the more the media pundits go at him, the better he probably feels. Like Ahmadeenijhad — he craves the publicity and not everyone in the world thinks he is a whack job — certainly not his buddy-Obama or Morsi…It is all very interesting how what goes around, always comes back around. And the psycho-psychologists are hanging themselves with inuendo as the document on line is quite specific as to why he is going about his mission and for what reasons..the corrupt government made him this way! Either everyone abides by the laws or no one does. Not sometimes on some occasions or when it is politically convenient or that bad board members and judges can be paid off, you know the "nudging" thing…

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