Video: “Oath Keepers USA!”

Will American cops and military turn on American gun owners? Not with Oath Keepers standing in the gap.

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  1. Denis Murdock says:


  2. Pardon me but weeks before the election I saw Obama for President Signs in the yards of city cops, county sheriffs, state troopers. If they have an oath to the constitution then why would they support a president that IS anti-constitutional. Can we all say UNIONS

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Where is the tape where Alan West is forgetting his oath out of all the people who try to bullshit you on taking away guns I've neverheard him say that's a good idea.As far as Wild Bill we'll have to see if they listen to the orders of Obutthole when he sends them americans who disagree with his commie views.Police officers unions are behind Obutthole as seen in the chaos in Michigan in all the rioting by union workers I didn't see one law officer there.How many doughnut shops where there in the city.

  4. Peaver Bogart says:

    I am an Oathkeeper and have been for years. I kinda agree with Wild Bill except I don't think it will be the Americans coming to take our guns. I think it will be the people with the blue hats, and to me, they are all fair game.

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