Video: NY Governor: Gun “Confiscation Could Be An Option”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently told Albany radio station WGDJ-AM that he plans to propose gun control legislation during his State of the State address on Jan. 9.

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  1. utahexplorer says:

    Forced buy-back! Do the people of this great country not understand that government wants to dis-arm everyone but their own bodygaurds! Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mussolini, they are all laughing their butts off to see history repeat itself! "He who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it"!

  2. Who are all these morons that are selling out our Country? Where did they come from? I am angry that they are constantly violating our Constitution. Our forefathers were forward thinkers and gave us the right to bear arms against a government tyranny. We are experiencing that now and it is frightening. These people have lost their freakin minds!!!

  3. no wonder NY is such a cesspool of slimes, and other such wastes of flesh and garbage, the human kind of garbage. They have “leaders” like this fool, and short shit, bloomingpants in charge of destroying their state. They were the biggest supporters of this disaster in office the first time around, and this, after September 11, 2001! These idiots don’t seem to know how to read, apparently they missed the NAME, HUSSEIN obama……, here they all run out to the voting booths, and vote for one of the very kind who, right before their stupid faces, and before their eyes, MURDERED 3000 souls that day! I guess that wasn’t good enough, or wasn’t enough proof that anything, (one) with a SLIMEY NAME mean to do even more destruction to this nation. I am so disgusted with NY and NJ, that I wish they’d just form their own little two state “nation” and invite all the slimey bastards there, and leave the rest of us alone. And anyone who is a Republican or Independant, and who doesn’t like SLIMES and SLIMEY RULES, then LEAVE THERE IMMEDIATELY! Let them have it, including that short little idiot with a control issue! I wouldn’t live there if it was free, and I would not visit there if a trip were paid for for me! New York blows, sorry Linda from NY!

    • Disgusted you disgust me. I am a life member of the NRA and a 17 year Army veteran 100% compensated for wounds received in Iraq and a Life VFW member. We NJ gun owners do not need to hear crap from you, and I own my legal NJ Bushmaster and my other guns. Who are you to place all of us in one heap. I live in a Republican County, which is pro gun. Learn your facts before you run your cok holster. I love how idiots like you say leave your home.Thats so easy to you isnt it, Maybe I do not prefer your type of trailer.Maybe I like living on the largest battlefield of the Revolutionary War (Monmouth)and the State that saw the most battles of the Revolutionary War. But no you wouldnt know about that. Finally Colt firearms started in New Jersey so really STFU. Try getting a few degrees and living in the 2nd highest income state and also one of the most beautiful states once you get out of the 3rd world part of the state but Im sure you state has no bad areas. So do not visit where the revolutionary war was fought and won. You wouldnt be owning a gun if it was not for the Battles won in New Jersey. You would be a British Colony. You disgust me with lack of history.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Joe I've read this 2 times and I lived in upstate NY for 60+ years and I think NYC under democratic mayors turned the city into a cesspool.When crazy ass Mayor Dumberg worries about 32oz.sodas instead of doing somethig useful.When I was younger they tried to make NYC area a seperate state but they realized it couldn't survive without the rest of the state to keep the NYC cesspool going.As far as NJ goes there are good people living in all states,my uncle lived in NJ and we vacationed in Seaside for years and I worked in Jersey.But when Fatty Christie embraced Obutthole at Sandy Hook
        I wondered why after all it wa his job to help NJ or any other state ravished by a natural disaster.

      • Hey Joe, kiss my ass. I frankly don’t give a rat’s behind what you feel or say about me, you can disgust all you like, but I STILL HATE THAT STATE! I wouldn’t live in such a SLIME INFESTED SEPTIC TANK IF SOMEONE PAID MY WAY! YOU disgust me with your stupidity. I have read the history of your ONCE GREAT STATE, and if it was EVEN HALF OF WHAT IT USED TO BE, IT MIGHT STILL BE A BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL PLACE TO LIVE! But, face it, fool, IT IS NO LONGER THE STATE THAT IT WAS ONCE, BEFORE IT WAS INFESTED AND INFECTED WITH THE FILTH THAT IT IS NOW INFECTED WITH! And it’s why I, and others, would not lift one fingerNAIL to send one drop of blood, or so much as ONE HALF A PENNY TO HELP YOUR SORRY ASSES AFTER THE HURRICANE LEVELED YOU! YOUR PRECIOUS STATE WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST SUPPORTERS OF THIS FILTHY MU SLIME IN OFFICE! And, THANKS TO YOUR STATE, AND THE FILTH THERE, WE NOW HAVE HIS SORRY SLIMEY APE FACE AGAIN INFECTING OUR NATION AGAIN! Again, kiss my …………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U NY jackass!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Dis not all of NY is a cesspool even though the whole state allows voting fraud to exist.It's the only way a democrap wins.

  4. In past history, Stalin, Hilter….Mao……millions were killed by government. Remember Waco Texas?

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    These crazy Cuomos are always trying to take rights away from people because they believe they were sent by the devil to screw the people like Obutthole.If NY wasn't such an entitlement state I believe they would become a conservative state.NYS has to get rid of Cuomo and ant other whack jobs that want to take our guns away.I wonder if Cuomo will take away his bodyguards guns who protect his dead ass.

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