Video: NRA New Ad: Ask Obama’s Experts

Even Obama’s experts say his gun control policies won’t work…

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  1. Evermyrtle says:

    If everybody will acquire some "guts" and refuse to give up their guns the government cannot possibly win All Americans need to stick together. .

  2. Forget about the "illegal alien." I understand that he will be leaving the USA for good, before March 2013, and We, The People will make certain that he, Wasserman Scultz, (all the communists) will be leaving with him!

    • Eddy, What are you talking about ? What is this date march 15? I haven't heard anything, we just keep trying whatever we've got to do to get this sickening dog out of office. Please share

  3. Linda A. From NY says:

    Obama wants Americans to register there guns, to know were they live to have the citizen’s guns confiscated by force, that is the real reason behind this gun registration as usual he is up to no good and if obama is successful all hell is going to break loose on Americans.

    We must never give up our rights to Bear Arms.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda you people in NY have it bad here in SC we believe in the second amendment.I will never register my gun except for the one I had to in NY, 49 years ago because I had to.Your right when you register your gun Obunghole can confiscate easier.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        Hi Edward,
        I glad to hear that, that in SC people believe in their 2nd Amendment rights. Many of these New Yorkers were dumb enough to re-elect a man who is trying so hard to be bring Tierney to our Country. I am happy to see many Americans from other States, are standing up to this government for their God Given Rights, The Rights To Bear Arms. God Bless These Americans.

        • Oklahomans will have to have their guns taken friom their dead cold hands, but their hands will not be the only cold hands. There are far too many hunters,that have hunted for all their lives, and they will do so till they die. There are ways to eliminate some of the deaths by guns ,but you cannot keep all sick people from getting their hands on guns. This Obama sherade is bringing this gun issues to the forefront of many that wouldn't ever consider guns but Obama kereps it up front so more people that are sick begin to think obout this.

  4. I wish the ad went a little bit further because most people are so emotional about this subject that facts elude them. I wish the ad had gone on to talk about the principle of confiscation. If you allow the government to confiscate guns then what are they going to confiscate next? Your 401k? Your farm? If you allow the government to rip up the 2nd amendment then what amendment is next? Your right to a speedy trial? If the ad included the latter than perhaps it would give people food for thought about the policies they are hysterically supporting.

    • Without guns to stop tyranny everything you mentioned will be taken from us. The only thing stopping them from moving on with their agenda is our guns. This has absolutely nothing to do with saving little children. It has everything to do with power. If we haven't learned from history we deserve everything we get. We think we're living in hell now…….

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    The NRA make a lot of sense but Obutthole plays the sympathy card using children for a shield to pass gun control.

    • Linda A. From NY says:

      Hi Edward,
      king obongo will used anything excuse to his advantage, yet his kids are being protected with guns, this muslim hitler is such a hypocrite, but he doesn’t want our children to have the same protection. What his kids are better then ours? Who does he think he is? a king

  6. Sherlock Holmes says:

    If the NRA was smart they would show little kids, just like B0 does, but instead use pictures of the ones raped by the Un.

  7. Obummer says taking our 2nd Amendment away is good if it saves even one child. Well what about all those babies you don't seem to care about that are being aborted Mr. President!!! What about those millions of innocent children??????? You are nothing but a Hypocrite and a Pathological Liar & a waste of space

  8. Obama's gun plan has caused more guns than ever to be bought.
    If a person needs a background check so they can buy a gun first? Than instead of a gun they can use something else to kill – so they don't need a bcanto have aackground check.

  9. when will someone in power start following the constitution?. please start impeachment procedings now.

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