Video: NRA Created To Protect Free Slaves

Why do the progressives want to disarm America? It is about power and control. They seek to prevent man from living free, subjecting man to an existence that serves them rather than serving God. Standing in their way is the Constitution, a pesky little document written a few hundred years ago that tells them that they are not God, but are subjugated to Him. They do not like that one bit.

The Constitution is the pillar of inalienable rights, equally holding up a granite roof of tyrannical evil. If a pillar is damaged or removed, the whole roof will come down on top of the free people. Progressives, Marxists, or whatever you want to call them are vehemently attacking the Constitution from all sides. Have you ever seen such anti-Constitutional rhetoric?

Many people may ask why the freedom to own firearms is so important. What is the relationship between God, Guns, and the Constitution? Government has tried to remove God from every aspect of society. It has won many battles and has infringed on the freedom to worship, wherever and whenever we please. They want to take our guns, take our God, and rid themselves of the Constitutional constraints that keep them from taking our lives.

The government, no matter how tyrannical and oppressive, will never extract faith or love from a person’s soul.

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  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    Christian Black people were told by their Pastors not to vote for 0bama because he is for homosexuaI marriage. No animal loves voted for the dog eater. No Christians, no Catholics, no gun owners, no patriots, only 0.55 % of the population which is homosexuI may have voted for 0bama, So how did he get in, that is easy Diebold electronic satellite controlled voting.

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