Video: No Need To Raise Debt Limit

In another knucklehead move, Barack Obama is nominating Janet Yellen as the next head of the Federal Reserve. So what’s this got to do with the debt ceiling? Plenty.

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  1. jon graham says:

    it is not all of the zulu's fault that the debt has doubled. the group of pussies has allowed it for the last 5 years

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Ben Bernanke wouldn’t taper the Federal Reserve bond buying, yet all the pundits on Wall Street and in the media were fooled, because they don’t understand the iron rule: Don’t listen to what politicians say! Watch what they do. The facts that: unemployment is higher than they say, Inflation is higher than they say, and the economy is much weaker than they say. Corporations are hoarding cash and not investing. The talk of tapering has caused interest rates to spike, and mortgage loan numbers have tanked. The Federal Reserve will never be able to stop Quantitative Easing (QE) until the economy actually recovers. Spoiled Man Child Brat is playing a very dangerous game with the economy in the hopes of beating the Republicans in the 2014 elections. Here’s how his strategy works. Instead of trying to come to an agreement on budget authorizations and debt ceiling with the Congress, Spoiled Man Child Brat is playing brinkmanship and trying to create maximum financial insecurity. He believes he can hang a fall economic crisis around the neck of Congress and usher Pelooser back to Speaker. He’s emboldened to create the crisis and therefore exploit Boehner’s weaknesses. He wants a democratic Congress more than he wants an economic recovery (even if it costs him CCC+ status). The best strategy for the Republicans is to actually rise up and fight. Boehner should look Spoiled Man Child Brat in the eye and say, “If you keep saying America is at risk of default, I’ll move impeachment proceeding in the House so we can replace you with a more responsible and honest president.” Additionally, Congress has every right to end Obamacarelessjobkiller (Americans polled 68% unfavorable to Obamacarelessjobkiller before 10/1/13!). And they should realize that Spoiled Man Child Brat can whine all he wants about shutdowns. Essential services such as the military and Social Security don’t shut down. It’s Spoiled Man Child Brat’s constituencies of government worker unions, labor unions and bureaucrats that really take it in the chin during a shut down. Instead of retroactively giving people money for the time they didn’t work, this Congress should make Spoiled Man Child Brat’s people pay a price for his irresponsibility.

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