Video: NJ Senators CAUGHT Mocking Gun Owners

Who do these people think they are?

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  1. mocking? omg. that's the death penalty, right?

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Are you finally admitting you are doing it? Besides, you're not worth the bullet.

    • I can see you are a obama supporter a low information voter, It is obvious that you do not like this Country by supporting a muslim dictator. If you do not like and respect a free Country then please leave. For a marine you are a traitor, I saw your blog and you supported this dictator who is doing everything possible to hurt our Country. I guess you don’t mind that your children and grandchildren will inherited a debt left for them to pay by your messiah who is stealing our liberties and one day enslave our children. How stupid can you be?

      Man wake up!!!! Obama does not give a crap about you and your family or any of us. Did support obama to get your free welfare money and free phone? Loser?

      • wayne mann says:

        And Susan is right.!! You are a traitor to America And what a lowlife to follow a dictator and his regime and the Muslim Brotherhood. When you’re sorry but is sitting in a Fema camp think about all your free crap then

      • liberals=DOGSHIT says:

        Yeah @w4rbler your a dumbass dick just looking at your picture I can tell you have liberals disease! Now get the eff out of this country I'm not asking I'm TELLING YOU!!! GET OUT YOU EFFING IDIOT BEFORE I BITCH SLAP YOU AND YOU MOMMY!!!

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        You say he's a marine but you don't say for which country

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      it should be libturd

  2. Mocking,personally attacking,ridiculing is all the so called Democrats can/will do.I consider most of the Democrats/Marxists quite EVIL and treasonous

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, their insults and mocking is the only way they know how to engage someone who has trumped their marxists agenda.

      They also appeal to people's emotions rather than appealing to logic and reason.

      Lastly, they always want everyone to believe that they are winning and the opposition is losing, when it is in fact the OPPOSITE because our freedoms are in tact and are the ones trying to bring about "change."

  3. wayne mann says:

    Since bobo the chimp has placed everyone where he wants them we now know that the Democrats are nothing but a bunch of terrorist Muslims. There are no more Democrats. And we know what comes out of New Jersey anyway…. stench.!!! Sorry all you New Jersey residents. Wait until someone shoved a gun up there arse and pulls the trigger.

  4. Nikita 63 says:

    These turkeys all need to be removed from office for malfeasance and failure to live up to their sworn oaths of office: that includes the impostor posing as president and all those supposed Senators and Congressmen who ignore the will of American citizens while Mocking them and then catering to illegals and enemy aliens in the name oi their own bloated self importance ansd self aggrandizement. THEY ALL NEED TO BE HELD BOTH RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE TO WE WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE IF THEY WILL NOT ABIDE BY THE LAW, WHY SHOULD WE?

  5. Joe Kelly says:

    You idiots mocking New Jersey need to shut up. Yes us gun owners have to live under horrible rules, many of us are Oathkeepers so dont run your mouth thinking we are all democrap trash I live in one of the few Republican counties in the state Im a Iraq War vet and when the time comes we will take care of business. We dont need people who have no clue talking about what we know is screwed up.

    • wayne mann says:

      When the time comes America doesn’t stand a chance against Obama’s Army and his Muslim Brotherhood. He will be using our own taxpayer dollars and our own military weapons against us. Do you think a country full of guns can stand up to that.??? We are not really killing New Jersey because every state in the country is occupied by Muslims and Mexicans and blacks Who all indorsr Obama. We the American people allowed this to happen and have no one to blame but ourselves for not monitoring our government which is the job of the people.

  6. These poly….tichians….think they're smarter than our Founders regarding OUR… Second Amendment rights….I'll say it once, and I'll say it for as long as I and other consenting Americans live…these poly-tichians (spelled wrongly on purpose), will find themselves WITHOUT A JOB! ie. voted "out of office" ….We the People will NOT be DENIED our Bill of Rights and Constitutional Rights; since these ARE THE Supreme Laws of our Land! Whether Communists/socialists/muslims/etc. believe this or not!!! This Law is the most desireable in the world…for then..why do many people strive to sneak…over our borders, in order to attempt sneaking their part of this PIE OF FREEDOM?

  7. Can any American, in their right mind deny their fellow citizens, the RIGHT to our Second Amendment? Why would they seek America's demise? Are they so blind to our Constitutional/ Bill of Rights freedoms and Liberties rights, that they would willfully go against the will of their fellow Americans? If so, how, in God's green earth, could they, in all good conscience, go against all that is good in our Constitution?

  8. good news for obama! instead of throwing my gram over the cliff, i shot her then threw her in the river. i came home, called my adult kids n told them to quit their good payin jobs and move back home. told my grandson to just be dumb and never be anything. when the police showed up on my sisters doorstep to tell her that her 13 year old was just killed, she said thank you and closed the door never knowing why, hmm, benghazi. i get $200 in foodstamps and they weregonna take them, so i quit my job oh yea, i give my autistic women friend, living in my shed, dirty water. you know, the black water thats on shelfs everywhere. hellooo! are we really that stupid. oh my god, politics have become my favorite comedy show! all educated a@#holes!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please tell Florida Gov. Rick Scott to VETO anti-gun bill HB-1355

    • Robert D Cole says:

      I agree, sent my email yesterday

      Maj Bob Cole (USA-Ret)
      Life Member, NRA
      Life Member, GOA.

  10. Robert D. Cole says:

    Damn right Senator. I want my "little gun" and all the others I own, and I dare you to come to my house and try to confiscate any one of them you overblown stuffed shirt.

    Major Bob Cole (USA-Ret)

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