Video: New Testimony On Benghazi This Week – And Trey Gowdy Is On Game

Gowdy’s line of questioning will be devastating

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  1. God be with you, Trey Goudy, and watch your back!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Trey Gowdy is one of the few that are fighting for answers on what happened in Benghazi to give the family closure.So far the Regime is protecting their own and that is because Obutthole and Hitlary are up to their eyeballs in covering up why 4 Ameicans had to die.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obhypocrite got wind of the 9/11/13 biker presence waiting for a speech on 9/11/12, and like the little feckless boy he is, decided to go out the opposite side of the building to make a short, hurried little 9/11 speech before putting his head between his legs and scurrying back inside. Bikers were waiting to hear which movie caused the chemical attack in Syria, or whether it was actually a phony attack. Maybe Hillberry would make an appearance and ask “What difference does it make?”. Why is Obetrayer continuing to lie about Benghazi? The same reason Oblasphemist lies about everything else! The standard rule for handling bad news in politics is to get it all out at once, (UNLESS YOU HAVE THINGS TO HIDE, LIKE PROOF YOU ARE A NON AMERICAN MUSLIM AND A MEMBER OF MB AND AL QAEDA, AND QUILTY OF BEING A TREASONIST TRAITOR!) The worst thing to do is allow the bad news to dribble out, for days, weeks, months, years, presidential terms? This is what Obliar has done over a decade of controversies and scandals, so far, it’s worked like a charm, because Americans have the attention span of a baby gnat. So, why should Obtraitor change? Delay it, Derail it, Ignore it. Dismiss it. Dissemble it to death. Didn’t know about it. Point at others. Have others point at others. Have others suggest the criticism is really racial. Stay aloof. Stretch the whole thing out as long as possible. Then call every ensuing question old news, that you’ve discussed it many times, or that it is just a phony scandal. Hope the problem goes away. And it usually has for Oblivious. Based on the history of such an immoral man, we will never get the answer unless Obackstabber is water-boarded or some honest people that are not under polygraph tests come forward, but then their lives are destroyed by Obama Chicago style politics, just ask Breitbart who was going to properly vet Obhustler before the 2012 election, and what did he get, death!
    Society is to blame for this: if you’re caught lying, you are not immediately cast aside for not being trustworthy in the US anymore. In a complete reversal, you are now judged in the US by your ability to tell a lie and get away with it. The nature of the lie and whether or not it will have a lingering impact, positive or negative, is all that matters now. If you can tell a lie and withstand the potential short-term backlash in order to accomplish your long term goal, then it’s a lie worth telling. No one knows this better than the current occupant of the oval office.

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