Video: New Spooky Agenda 21 Commercial

From The Blaze television network.

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  1. So are they saying we should go to euthanasia???? Welcome to Agenda 21 people! We have been trying to tell people about this dangerous garbage for several years now, so here ya go!

    • What people might not realize is that Romney was a big supporter of Agenda 21. And a mayor of one of the east coast cities, Baltimore I think, has already been proposing Agenda 21. There's a lot more to it than you might think. Google it and see if you would be in favor of that in your hometown.

      • You are right, Judy! It doesn't matter if Dem or Repub. Agenda 21 is being implemented everywhere because people have no clue! We do have the power to stop it, it is called Nullification. People need to become educated on Agenda 21 and start going to their town meetings and standing up against it. All Federal Mandates, Executive Orders, Laws that conflict with the Original Intent of our Constitution can be struck down even at the local level with Nullification. Time to learn our true law and history!

  2. Do Glenn Beck and co. not realize that they are running this "spooky" ( I guess I've lived long
    enough) commercial on the Glenn Beck show??? I have been wondering about it.

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