Video: New Ad – These Hands: North Carolina

A small business order has a message for Obama.

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  1. I don't want to believe that we have so many people that believed in him in 2008. I wish that she, that started her new business would have been as diligent at her homework for her president as she was for her business. She should have offered America an apology while she was at it. I am not fooled by this woman, she makes certain she advertises her business in her speech about lost faith in the wanna be messiah that she worshiped in 08. She said she was not angry that she was lied to and she never said that she would vote for Romney. She said she would not vote for the Marxist… Trust her yet? I certainly don't…..

  2. She chose her poison and we all all ill from it. Due diligence would have shown her that her choice was fatally wrong. With such decision making ability, how is she still in business?

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