Video: New Ad DESTROYS Obama On Sealed Records/Identity Theft

We recognize the blatant error regarding the state Obama’s social security number was issued in, but aside from that, this is a pretty good ad!

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    This ad needs to be broadcasted on more channels then just Fox. On Fox, they're just "preachin to the choir".

  2. Pat Andreuccetti says:

    Barack Obama is putting out there that Mitt Romney should be an open book if he's running for President of the United States–said that we should know everything about him. Well, Barack Obama–why have you sealed everything and why are there so many questions about you and your past? You need to be more forthcoming so that we know who you REALLY are. We know absolutely nothing about you.

    • The media continues to hound Romney about what HE did with HIS own money, but not a word, not a freakin peep about Obie's sealed records… frustrating.

    • Angelicsweep says:

      Didn’t you know that with liberals it is DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO??? It is OKAY to hide HIS records, but NOT for romney. romney is an open book compared to obama…obama has been as transparent as a mud puddle!

  3. di from Oregon says:

    Love this ad, but you want me to call the number to sign? Don't you mean call the number to donate? You can't sign anything in the phone as far as I know, a legal petition has to have signature, address and zip code to be legal. I would call and donate, but we tapped out with injuries and medical bills and are older now. Sorry!

    • I called and you give a recorded message your name and some basic info about yourself, Then you are asked a question whether or not you wish to donate. You have the option to say no and you will get a curteous thank you. If you say yes, like I did, you are connected eith a live operator, SO BE SURE TO CALL, We need fraudulent and lying Obama off the ballot. PLEASE CALL. 1-800-617-7709

  4. Obama-equalizer says:

    If Romney should put his tax returns out there I would make sure BHO unseals his records and let us have a look at them…One record I would love to see is his letter of resignation.

  5. Sandy J says:

    I and a friend have tried to donate to She on the phone and me online. I was unable to contribute, it wouldnt go through yet everything else on the page worked. My friend tried to donate on the phone and this is what she told me happened to her…."I called this number, added my name, and said I would contribute $10. I was immediately told to hold, and an advertisement came on in English and Spanish regarding some Department for Employment Issues. Then the line went dead! I called three times, two times it went to this employment message and the phone went dead. The last time I got them, and told them what was happening. Someone is hijacking the calls somehow. Just FYI"

    So, someone is stopping people from donating to the very cause that IS trying to vet Obama.

    • OldRockerguy says:

      I had a similar experience – unable to donate and not sure if my petition signature was registered. I only tried the website – did not use the phone number.

  6. The ad talks about a Massachusetts SSN but the print says Connecticut.

  7. TexasTeddie says:

    Can't believe they made the mistake of where his Social Security number is from…. (it's Connecticut not Massachusetts y'all)… and no proof-readers either I guess. Where are the detail minded people these days? The song answers: "…gone to flowers, every one!"

  8. rayrmelc123 says:

    We need to know who Obama is

    • We KNOW who he is, we need the rest of the country to know. There are so many living near that river..denial…. that it's mind-boggling.

      • BD Katt says:

        de nial,isn't that the river he floated down in a basket & was found by the pharohs daughter StanAnn who later married Binsane o Bamalot

  9. I believe a great ad would be to play the statement from Obama that the only people to withold information
    are those with something to hide……….along with this ad which I am not able to play for some reason.

  10. Anonymous says:

    BRAVO:: Sheriff Arpaio, and Jeff Kuhner & all people involved in exposing the Treason committed by this illegal from Kenya.
    But; just as bad is the Complicity of the many members of Congress, Senate, Judiciary, and Military who have known about this from day one, and were involved up to their necks with the Fraudulent Birth Cerrtificate, Social Security Card(s) Credit Cards of other persons of who either died or were never a person.
    These sleeper cells were planted in the 1930-40s during WWll, or before. This is the identical Espionage, Treason, War Crimes against the US? There has to be an Criminal Investigation by a Third Party outside the US of who cannot be thrteatened by, or bought off by the Obama Marxist Fascist Gang financed by Soros & Rockefeller Family.

  11. True American says:

    Only thing i know for sure is Obama is azzzzz hole

  12. We have two big problems, both created by Obama, the health care tax law and the dying economy. The Democrats are trying every trick in the book to turn attention away from those problems, but nothing else matters to the extent of these social issues. ObamaCare will drag the entire economy down when fully implemented. Obama is purposefully killing businesses and millions of jobs with his suffocating bureaucratic regulations. Romney will repeal ObamaCare, lower taxes, cut spending, and build the Keystone Pipe Line. All those activities wil help to restore our economy and create millions of real jopbs.

    • No he won't. Romney just said that the healthcare law "isn't that bad", he is a PRO Agenda 21 globalist. We need someone besides Obama, but Romney is not it!

  13. kodster says:

    This would be like Lot asking God to find even 10 men in Sodom and Gomorrah who are righteous… yet we're asking for 10,000 signatures from EACH congressional district… good luck with that!

  14. Obama is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the U.S.A. History books will have a heyday making fun of this tme in our history,

  15. Michael Oberndorf, RPA says:

    The SS# is from Connecticut. Hard to take this seriously when they can't even get well known facts straight. Try again…

  16. I called this morning and after giving my name they asked me to donate either yes or no. I said no, and was asked again I said no 2nd time. The phone then went dead. This seems to me like a scam to get your name and access to credit card info. Was my name added to the list? Or was I just dropped off? How many of the calls without giving cash will be counted and sent? 10,000 names in several states adds up to quite a few thousand dollars for this group. WE ALL WANT OBAMA OUT OF HERE but I won't let them use this as a way to take our money and rip us off like the government

    I consider this a phoney rip off

    • I wonder if this is a scam by 0bomba camp…remember in 2008 when people were getting credit card statements and found they had contributed to the 0bama campaign……..but they were NOT 0bama supporters?

  17. Testa Sterone says:

    This ad sounds like a fast talking used car salesman put it together. They also got the state of his SS number wrong – it's not from Massachusetts, it's from Connecticut. I would be leery of donating anything to this site!!

  18. WOW, I loved this ad. But then I scrolled down and read comments & will not be calling this #.

    So whomever put this here – Should have checked everything out. Now I wonder about the other NEWS we are getting from this sight……………………..

  19. Where can I find copies of Romney's college transcripts, his thesis, and his selective service records? Why does Romney refuse to show more than two years of tax returns, and what is taking so long for the second year to be shown? Why were all the records of Romney's involvement with the US Olympics destroyed? Why did Romney's signature appear on Bain Capitol records months after Romney supposedly left the firm? Why has Romney flip flopped on so many issues, including abortion? Why did the state of MA drop to #47 in employment numbers while Romney was the governor? Why does Romney deny that he promoted Romney care as an ideal federal model when that statement is clear on video? I have dozens of more questions, but will leave these for starters.

    • Presidents or Presidential candidates are not required to show tax returns, Romney has shown two years of returns, if he had been doing anything wrong it would be front page news long ago, and he has not been asked to show other documents…..but that did not stop the 0bama camp from submitting countless FOI requests on any and everything on Romney……apparently Romney is not hiding anything or it would be front page news by the liberal media…..

    • Billyjean says:

      you have questions about Romney I have more questions on Obama who is a fraud and has no right to be president. he belongs in jail with holder, this low life of a president would like nothing more for our country to bow down to him and the UN. he can go to hell I would rather take my chances with Romney. If you don't like America? then please leave. Obam can get out too, we do not need him the piece of crap in the White House and he can take Nancy the Dinbat and Holder and Reid with him. There all traitors

    • Billyjean says:

      you have questions about Romney, I have more questions about obama, he is a fraud in the first place, and he is destroying this country and wants for America to bow down to him and the UN. He should have neve been allow to become president, he was born in Kenya, he is a dictator. He will bring down America and he will change are laws to Muslins laws, he is capable of bringing in the sharia law into the US. If you Bdoan do not like America, you can leave and go back to where ever you came from, and take obama, holder and nancy the dingbat with you

    • I agree with the others that have replied to you. You are welcome to leave this country, at least while you are still free. Obama has done nothing but trample all over the Constitution and destroy our Country a little each day for 3 3/4 yrs If he is given 4 more yrs. he will completely destroy it! That is why Mitt Romney is going to beat him in a landslide! If you don't like the thought of Romney as President (a TRUE American and Patriot)

  20. Both Candidates are not ones I will vote for! they are establishment candidates hell beny on dragging this nation down into the pits of the New One World order! They want the North American union and the Amero dollar and the way they say it should be is the way they will have it! This will bring chaos! Watch it!! Be ready always!!

    • Joanneo says:

      Homer, you are right. They both belong to the elite group that would rule the world. Sadly, we are so close to it now. I have to think the majority of our politicians also belong for they have done NOTHING to stop this phony interloper. They are watching him destroy our nation and not lifting a little finger to prevent him from accomplishing his mission. They do not want a true American in any of our government offices, and they are doing a good job of keeping them out of office. Why do you think Ron Paul received no media coverage what so ever.

  21. The mistake could have been because I read somewhere (don't remember all the details) but that Obama may have used different SS cards. If you have nothing to hide, you don't hide it. You don't spend a plug nickle to keep it hidden. Obama needs to put up or STFU since he can't reveal true anything it seems, excepts for being a true liar, about trying to make Romney show anything. I'm not saying Romney shouldn't put up, but no more than anyone else has been asked to, since Obliar has already produced a fake BC, spent millions to keep from showing anything at all on it before that, and has everything else talked about sealed. He's a man with a lot to hide, and trying to divert the attention away from himself by attacking Romney. Bad try, Obama, since you've been being asked before you got Romney to pick on.

  22. Patriot 01 says:

    Any non-vote is a vote for Obama. It is your civic duty and God-given right to vote. Any 3rd party vote takes away votes from Romney and gives to Obama. Romney is not perfect but the only way to save our country to fight another day is vote for Romney. It’s that simple! If you have any shred of patriotism, and morals and love your country and your freedom, ya may wanna vote for Romney.

  23. Barbara Anderson says:

    Thank God——-At least Odumbo's records are being questioned and a demand for them
    to be released are in the "works.' All this confussion has really been a nightmare. We all
    must admit…….THIS IS A FIRST FOR THE U.S.A………Let's pray we NEVER have such a
    mess of this magnitude ever again. The last four years will probably never be forgotten. It
    doesn't seem like a bad dream / but like a nightmare.

  24. Evermyrtle says:

    Open them up, show them to the world. We have every right to see them.

  25. Aren't you outraged that our so-called representatives have put Americans through the horribly stressful presidency of Obama knowing that he was not eligible from the beginning? Why do you suppose it's so important to them to eliminate Article 2 Section 1 of the US Constitution? Isn't it outrageous that they have tried to eliminate that specific clause eight (8) times before and couldn't get it done so decided to do it by STEALTH in the name of OBAMA? Isn't it so disgustingly treasonous on their part to sneak around and manipulate and lie and cover up…including our supreme court???
    It's so insulting! No words can describe the disgust!




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