Video: NBC Unintentionally Proves Obama Birth Certificate Tampered With

The media is so concerned with protecting Obama they can’t even see the evidence they hold in their own hands.

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  1. What gets me is that the Country is being destroyed by this President and half the People still support him? Seems if Americans are dumb enough to let this happen they deserve what their going to get! People who don't exercise their freedoms will someday lose those freedoms!

  2. Damn straight this is a fraudulant and fake document! The man has NEVER been on the up and up since the beginning! NOTHING adds up except fraud, and forgery!!

  3. The News Media needs to get off their butts and investigate this as well, but their silence is defening! I am NOT as dumb as they think, I am sure that what has happened in this fraudlany case is TRUE and facts! NO one is out to get Obama as much as they want the TRUTH known and the responsible parties made to pay for their lies and deceits, be it Obama or any other!!

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