Video: NBC Bashes Obama For Fundraising Hours After Terrorist Attack

Obama chooses fundraising and appearing on The View over addressing the Libyan terrorist attack and meeting with world leaders while the Middle East literally burns before our eyes.

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    So slam Bush for sitting with children after the 9/11 attacks, but ol' king oblameo can fly to Sin City Vegas for some fundraising after a terrorist attack and BRUTAL MURDER of 4 diplomats.
    How hypocritical.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      That my dear is exactly why Obozo can get away with things that Bush would never get away with.Our so called fair press would be all over Bush but Sambo can go to Vegas which at one time told people to stay away from.Out of 365 days he stayed in the white house maybe a month the rest of the time he's flying nto meet with the rich who he tells poor slobs to hate.This man is the biggest terrorist going and he is out to screw the US.

  2. Al Metcalf says:

    Wake UP!! This is who Obama is. Ten minutes after Obama was sworn in he was already tired of trying to think and solve problems. Obama is a constant liar and campaigner, he does not know how to do anything else except glad hand and talk inane BS. For This is who he is. He has been campaigning for reelection since the very moment he arrived in the WH. And without his teleprompter he cannot think or speak. Hopefully Obama will have memorized all of the debate issues because otherwise we will get a dose of ten thousand hums, ohs and many other grunts and groans that we will not be able to decipher into sentences with intelligent content. The debate should really be a hoot if Obama should have to speak off of the cuff for he has no command of the English language at all in any form….. Can't wait to see how the Liberals try to put this together….

    • We can only hope!! Remember, the debates will be conducted by persons of the LSM. Wanna bet who gets the softball questions and who gets the hardball ones?

  3. cause obama is protecting his vile people the islamic scum……..obama is a muslum…duhhhhh

  4. gunner221 says:

    Obama is the biggest zero ever to be in the White House. A totally worthless liar.

  5. Sreynolds says:

    obama's mask has fallen almost compltetly off, American can see him for what he is now, as time goes by his anit American rhetoric cannot be completley ignored by the media. SOmetimes story's like this make it out to the public. By the time the election is held, the only people that will vote for these leftists are, themselves, and racists and parasites. Fortunately working Americans out number the garbage people. Another year or two and obamites would have out numbered the true AMericans. Novembers elections are going to spank the democrats even harder than November 2010. I cannot wait, maybe by the time chilren and grandchildren are supporting themselves the debt and deficit will be down with a balanced budget in place.

  6. Sreynolds says:

    I just hope Mit is prepared, whoever commentates the debate will no doubt try to make the idiot obama look good. In a true debate and with no teleprompter, a 9 year old conservative could blow obama out of the water. IF you've never heard him speak without his teleprompter, google it, it's hilarious, the idiot cannot string 2 coherent sentences together. LMFAO

  7. spelunker7 says:

    Obama cares more about himself and his Muslim brothers than any American. He is our worst enemy. Return our government to the American people. VOTE for Romney-Reagan.

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