Video: Navy Yard Shooter’s Friend: He Was A Liberal And Obama Supporter

Michael Ritrovato on CNN said that the two of them had a close relationship based in part on their differences, specifically race and politics. Alexis was black; Ritrovato is white. Ritrovato described himself as conservative and said that Alexis was “more of a liberal type” who supported Barack Obama:

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  1. Was this alleged shooter also an actor and was this whole event a False Flag?

  2. A father of a marine at the Naval Yard reported that his son told him that the marines had guns and could have prevented further deaths after the first three, except THEY HAD NO AMMO! Why won't the MSM talk about that?

    • Linda From NY says:

      The reason they won't talk about it, is because these news media are in bed with this corrupt administration, they have been brought and paid for by the Global Elites.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Because of being in bed with Oahole the press will not report the facts only what Jay Goofy Carney tells them.

      • Well, if the MSM won't cover it, it's up to us to get it out to all of our contacts and stir up a hornet's nest!

        • Linda From NY says:

          That is right Liberty, it is up to us to get the word out, and it is working I get the real news from blogs like this one and good people like yourself.

      • J.Grif From KC says:

        I'm not a political expert , by any means, but back when I first heard and saw the man I kept asking "Why would anyone vote for someone who willingly took the name Hussein as a middle name. He took this name when he had been using another for years….well, if that is even so… if you can believe anything about his past. And why wasn't there a serious investigation into his background ….BEFORE…. he ran for President….and I don't know why people weren't seeing it in his face that he's a great actor…a con man… to you all of that voted for him either time….I have some ocean front property in Arizona that I would like to sell you…and to the rest of US…we've needed to grow some backbone six years ago. Good Morning America….And while you were sleeping….Some thugs have been destroying your country. One last thought: We should make a law that there be a third choice on a ballot "neither one" and it that 'wins' the Oval Office should remain vacant…because several times the country would have been much better off. Because " worst or more worse" shouldn't be a choice to run this country or any country. Amen.

  3. Linda From NY says:

    The fact that this loser was happy with this corrupt administration, sounds to me perhaps he was a muslim who hates Americans.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Isn't it amazing that all these mass murderer shooters have been liberal democraps.All these killers have one thing in common they're Obuma lovers.You never hear Chunky Schumer or the other idiot Dick Turbin bring that up.

    • Isn't also amazing that each of the most recent mass murders has occurred in a "Gun Free Zone"….Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, Washington Navy Yard.

  5. he was a obama suporter all right,,maybe more then we think, we all know obama will go to great illegal lenths, to stop the people from having a gun,,dont forget the fast & the furious,& we all know that obama armed the Syrian rebels,i wonder if he armed them with gas,

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