Video: Navy SEAL: We Know More About SEAL Team Six Than We Do About Obama

Barack Obama has spilled classified information about SEAL Team Six, yet refuses to reveal his shadowy past, including his college transcripts.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    That is true because Obutthole needed to leak the info on the SEALS to make like he a big deal and look good in the eyes of the public.This degenerate president will do anything to make himself look good.

    • Bazza Mackenzie says:

      God bless the Navy Seals. God bless those who fought WWI and WWII. Australia/New Zealand forces have fought in most modern wars and we still practice "LEST WE FORGET". Unfortunately, we have forgotten now. GOD BLESS. Wake up people!!! Don't make the effort of all those who gave such noble sacrifice to be in vain.

      (Yes, I've had a few, but who cares? Point is still there.)

      GOD Bless the USA. GOD BLESS Australia/NZ. God BLESS ISRAEL!!

  2. Linda from NYC says:

    what else is new? obama is a dirty, plain and simple. How dare obama do this to the Navy Seal that are sacrificing their lives for our country and yet he won't reveal his own records. obama will lose tomorrow on Nov 6, most Americans have woken up from this nightmare of 4 years. I have faith in God that things will turn out well and I have a good feeling that obama will be history.

  3. Simply identifying U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six as the group responsible for killing Usama bin Laden constituted giving aid and comfort (aiding and abetting) to the enemy — an act of Treason punishable by execution.

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