Video: Navy SEAL Debunks Clinton Benghazi Narrative

In this video, Jeanine Pirro and a Navy Seal/CIA agent talks about Hillary Clinton’s most recent speech in which she tries to say that Ambassador Stevens understood he had to go in places where there would be less security.

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  1. This whole Benghazi thing stinks. I only hope we find out about what happened sooner than later. And then let's try our resident of the White House for treason.

  2. Gotta admire this Ex-Seal, especially for his use of wording such as "They were hung out to dry like a pair of Dog Balls"…which is very much exactly what happened, as well as his take on the story now taking on a life of it's own "because sex sells" even in the the "Lame Stream Media".

    We need guys like this to run for Politics as a Conservative!! Perhaps then we could get to the bottom of "Fast and Furious", the use of the Military in the Libyan War (which violates the U.S. Constitution and the "War Powers Act"), as well as the truth behind the Benghazi Terrorist attack.

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