Video: Napolitano: Obama’s Recent Behavior ‘Almost An Impeachable Offense’

Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News says it is  ”almost an impeachable offense” if Obama’s making spending decisions “to hurt us.”

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  1. Obama, Biden and Holder MUST be Impeached, prosecuted and EXECUTED!!!

  2. Mr. Napolitano.
    Give me a number of times Obama has told the truth. That should be much easier than the opposite,for every time he opens his mouth he is lieing. He constantly lies to the world,he lies about his religion he is a muslim, He is a cheat ,a thief, a murderer, a treasonist, inelgible to be president, not a natural born citizen, has a fraudulent birth certificate,and congress has commited a crime in not checking out this imposter with 5 aliases,or more, what is his real name since he has no father listed on his true biirth certificate,he is a bastard,born to a single mother. Why doesn't someone like John Brennon tell the truth and give Obama's records to the congres?????

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