Video: Nancy Pelosi Is Completely Insane!

Pelosi said that, “We ping pong it, and then we go to conference.” How can they ‘ping pong’ it when they have no clue of what’s in a bill they vote on?

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  1. Pelosi's brain has been out to lunch for a long time

  2. Another one that needs to go along with all the muslims
    Obama put in office! I know there are many more. Too many
    to mention!

  3. Pelosi is one strange woman. Is she for real? How the hell did she ever get voted into office? Again, people are asleep and don't seem to evaluate people when they pull the lever. My God, this woman is dangerous. Is she on drugs? She makes no sense….she keeps on talking rag time.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Poopalosi is suffering from her plastic surgeon draging her ass up to her face then inject it with botox. Have you noticed how her face shines when talking nonsense on TV and it's because before she goes on theyspray her with WD40.I know San Fran is a bed of Looney Tunes but to elect an idiot is showing how stupid the voters are.

  5. Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

    Pickled Pelosi is a drunk. Her jet has the most elaborate bar paid for with our tax dollars. Every time she shows the world her drunk a$$ stupidity from her addled pickled mind, remember with pride that your hard-earned tax dollars paid for that pickled idiot to represent her brainbleeped constituency in San Francisco and destroy the entire country with Obamacare.

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