Video: Muslims Gang Rape Elderly American Woman In Colorado

The victim was an elderly woman who was invited by the Iraqis for what she believed to be lemonade; and what occurred afterwards, the woman cannot even remember.

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  1. Arizona worker says:

    Cautious and sensitive with the details? To whom? the Islamic pieces of shit? We need to bring back the death penalty for anyone convicted of rape. Deport them? Yes, if found innocent. If guilty, they should be castrated, raped and hung. These people do not belong in our country. Islam is not compatible anywhere and certainly not in the civilized nations of the world. They bring hatred, death and destruction where ever they go. No more.

  2. I spit on them as I pass them in stores and the gym, LOL! total removal in our country and BAN! all MUSLIMS!!!

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Get rid of this iraq islamic muslim scum, all of them! If non radical islamists don’t protest against their extremist brethren, then this proves that all islamists are nothing more than murdering animals. The faster islam is wiped off this earth, the better for all human society. 

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Where is that sleazeball Eric Holder and what is he doing about this.Nothing because he is one of them along with his boss Pres. Obutthole.I'll bet Colorado being a liberal dope smoking state won't do anything to these ragheads because they will be scared of what happens to them.

  5. They "could" be deported!??!!?? They need to be thrown into a pig sty — with hungry pigs!

  6. Islamists are raping old women and 3 yr olds….can anyone tell me why we shouldn't send them all to Cuba or Alkatraz?

  7. They should be subjected to the exact same justice as in their own country….either lined up on their knees in the street and dispatched with bullets to the backs of their heads, slowly hanged to death to see how many of them are 'kickers', or have their heads sawn off with a dull, rusty knife…
    Apparently they seem to think that the sort of justice they'd get 'back home' is nothing for them to fear here, which is unfortunately true.
    However, there are a great many Americans who doubtless and correctly maintain that 'the punishment should fit the crime'….

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Be careful with that 'same justice' comment.
      You do know that in their own country, they didn't commit the crime in the first place unless the woman has 3 MEN to verify it happened.
      Otherwise, no justice because there was no crime.
      Other than that, I'm all for the punishment!

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