Video: Muslim Brotherhood Operatives Barack Obama And John Brennan

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) were found to be unindicted co-conspirators in the largest terrorist-funding trial in U.S. history—the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial.

Yet the Obama administration has not only had contact with these groups, but has brought them into the White House—embraced them would be a more proper term—having “hundreds” of meetings beginning almost immediately after Obama ascended to power.

According to a Daily Caller investigation:

In 2009, a judge confirmed the Justice Department’s decision to name CAIR as an unindicted conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation conspiracy to smuggle funds to HAMAS, which is a jihadi affiliate of the Egypt-based brotherhood. Five men in the smuggling ring were sentenced to jail in 2009, including two who were given 65-year sentences.

Obama’s current chief counterterrorism advisor and CIA head appointee John Brennan spoke at an ISNA-sponsored (and White House approved) conference in February of 2010. Brennan used his time to parrot Barack Obama’s often-quoted meme about how great of a religion Islam was, about the “goodness and beauty of Islam,” that “Islam is a religion of peace,” etc. Brennan failed to explain, however, why jihadists continually refer to this “religion of peace” while strapping on suicide vests. Nor did he explain that the Holy Land Foundation trial named ISNA as a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

In October of 2011, the group Muslim Advocates wrote a letter signed by fifty-seven Muslim organizations, whose main signatories were CAIR and ISNA, demanding the Obama administration remove “bigoted” language found in FBI training materials— terms like “jihad” and “Islamist,” the rationale being that these terms “offended” Muslims.

Brennan responded to the letter personally and not only purged FBI training materials but implemented a mandatory re-training program for FBI agents; U.S. Army officers; and all federal, state, and local law enforcement who had been subjected to “biased training.” Those who refused to tow the politically correct line, like war hero and Army trainer Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley, were summarily blacklisted.

Instead of purging FBI training materials of anything that “offends” the Muslim Brotherhood, America should purge this country of Muslim Brotherhood operatives John Brennan and Barack Hussein Obama.

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  1. The following well presented and informative website which contains several free videos regarding the Muslim Brotherhood in America should be on everyone's list in educating themselves and their family, and passed on to as many people as possible. It's truly a wake-up call.

  2. While working in the water off the United Arab Imerate we had a local Arab Shiek from Kuwait. He often said he never understood how we elected obama with him being a shadow member of the muslim brotherhood. He called obama a pug-muslim.

  3. Until some one or group in Washington stands up to this illegal Kenyan who thru les and deception which included the entire DNC that now occupies Our Whitehouse is Arrested nothing about the infiltration of radical Jihadist's into our country will be done. Where are the Commanding Officer's in the Pentagon with the BALLS to stand up? Why do they all seem to cower in fear of this treasonous imposter? Stand up NOW or kneel and lose your head's

  4. Obama advanced the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda in the Middle East for the "Arab Spring", he supported and financed their efforts in the region going so far as to use American Troops and equipment to do so. He has advanced their agenda by placing them inside our government, which I feel was how they were able to name, locate and hunt down all the CIA's agents in the middle east blinding our security to the events leading up to the Benghazi attacks. Which was another gun running scheme on his part to arm the Brotherhood. He leaked the location and time table of the Helicopter flight of Seal Team Six in Afghanistan allowing them to be shot down killing the members involved in the Osama bin Laden. Treasonous actions continue unabated under Obama's regime. He gave the secrets of the Missile defensive shield to the Russians which means that Iran also has the information on how to negate the Shields effectiveness, and still Obama is in office. Just what will it take to get him brought up on charges?

  5. This has been/is common knowledge as we are now under Muslim rule,watch out you will get what you voted for



  7. It's past time to Impeach Obama ,he and john Brennan are muslims and have invited the muslim brotherhood to Washington over 100 times and refused the Christian prayer day, saying Franklin Graham imbarased the brotherhood.
    Obama and Brennan are out to force Israel to give Jerusalem to the Palestines. God has given Israel this land and said he will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. Obama hasn't shown one piece of evidence he is elgible to be president. Some of these srtupid Judges that are appointedno idea what life is about. WE do not need enemies in the whitehouse, and Obama is the Biggest enemy ,next to Iran.

  8. Appointing a Muslim convert and sympathizer to the head of the CIA?!!! If that's not treason, what is?

  9. Linda A. From NY says:

    Just what we need one more muslim convert, this woud be the icing on the cake. No wonder we are getting screw by this adminstration.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Assuming with a name like Brennan you would think he was of Irish roots not an F–king raghead.But Linda just look at the people who actually vote in Muslims themselves without Obuttholes help.

  10. Edwardkoziol says:

    We knew Obutthole was a oreo muslim by the things he did and who he sided with like the muslim brotherhood in Sambo appoints a man who is a clear muslim named Achmed Brennan.When will the people and press wakeup and call for the impeachment of this igger.

  11. This traitor and imposter should be in Gitmo, not our White House. Water Board the sucker and finally get some truth out of him.

  12. John Hallinen says:

    We need to get our representatives in Congress to remove these people from our government. We have many issues for the House of Representatives to indict (impeach) but can we muster enough votes in the Senate to convict him. We need Senate Democrats to wake up and read "The Communist" by Paul Kengor and "Muslim Mafia" by Guabatz and Sperry. I don't think we have much more time so please call all your representatives soon. It just might help!!!!

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