Video: Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack With Link To Obama

On September 10, 2012, the amateurish, anti-Muslim YouTube video “Innocence of Muslims” had been on the Internet for three months with exactly seventeen views.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and an army of Obama surrogates conducted a media blitz blaming this obscure video no one had seen for the entire Middle East exploding on 9/11, including a “protest turned violent” at the Libyan consulate that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.

We later learned that there was no protest.

We later learned that intelligence on the ground linked it to a terrorist group within twenty-four hours.

We later learned that the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was behind the attack.

We now know it was not initially an attack, but an attempted kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens to use him as a pawn to get their beloved Blind Sheik back.

What is most shocking, however, is that a source within the White House states that it was arranged as an October surprise by Barack Obama. Obama, in order to make the release of the Blind Sheik more palatable to the American people, and to boost his sagging approval ratings, arranged with the Muslim Brotherhood to kidnap Ambassador Stevens. Then, days before the election, acting the part of the hero, planned to release the Blind Sheik in exchange for Ambassador Stevens.

The plan was for security to be minimal at the consulate, protected by only Libyan security guards who would melt away into the night at the appointed time.

The plan fell apart as two former SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, fought the kidnappers, leading to a firefight and subsequent fire, killing Stevens, Woods, Doherty, and also Sean Smith, a communications specialist.

Obama then had to create a cover-up so massive that it will go down in the history books until the end of time.

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  1. he way O bama is lying abbut the whole murder and torture and his failed interest of dealing of trying to find what really happened.. He acts like he really doenst want to know what happened and how it happened… It was under his watch an of the ppl of the USA were paying attention they would see that Obama is not doing much about it..I at one time thught the same thing its all muslim and Obama is a borned muslim from his momther and Grandparents..

  2. Perfectlyaged says:

    Obama is responsible for four deaths…he should be tried for the murders and sentenced!

  3. Chuck Holmes says:

    This is getting better(worse) all the time. There is too much occurring for a good portion of it not to be true. Please Lord, get this monkey off our backs and put him and his associates in their places!!!!

  4. Obama is the biggest LIAR clown to be in the whitehouse,that should have never happened but a bunch obf IDEOTS voted that LIAR in office. Now that they still do not know who he really is, hidding all his credentials that show he wasn't born in the U.S. like his grandmother said he was born in Kenya, 4 days later he was taken to hawaii the crookedest place on earth to get a birth certificate and a social security Number,because his aunt worked in the social security office in Hawaii and she knew that the dead man death was not reported so she gave him that number so they couldn't trace him back to hawaii by the Connicut birth certificate. He also tries to hide with all of his aliases,like Chicago Pimpand 5 more asiases. He is such an IDEOT he isn't worth one thin cent.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Obutthole doesn't really want to know what happened because then he would have to speak out against the muslim brotherhood which is affiliated with al quida and for a muslim to speak out against another muslim is a no no.pres.Sambo won't even let Issa get to the bottom of Fast & Furious because in my humble opinion those guns are not only in the drug cartels but terrorist have them also.

  6. Ahh. That's what I thought. It was all a plot for Obama to try and boost his numbers. But, it backfired like I figured was the case. It was probably also part of a deal/favor Obama had with the Blind Sheik to have him released with Obama's personal assurances. Also backfired, if that was the case. He's probably going to have to find some other excuse to release the guy, now. He'd have to do it in some way that will make him look good, but I think it's too late for that considering the proximity to the election. He's sunk and I think he knows it. If he tries something covert now, it'll look too conspicuous. He'll have to resort to more drastic methods. You know how it goes, "When in doubt, cheat." I'm hoping when Obama is replaced, he'll be vulnerable to justice. I'm hoping the law will fall "fast and furious" on him. Oh, the thousands of people who would be vindicated after that. Those that suffered persecution and ridicule while trying to expose this fraud for who and what he is.

  7. gataheart says:

    How do you get justice for a good Ambassador and three others ..when their deaths are direct result of pre-meditation [gambled]? Now, There's a good use for hemp!


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