Video: Muslim Beheads Christians In NJ, Mainstream Media Silent

Yusuf Ibrahim, a Muslim man, targeted and murdered two Coptic Egyptian Christian men who lived and worked in New Jersey. He beheaded them and cut off their hands.

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  1. This is what the Muslim Brothers bring to America, death.

  2. How stupid the media is. The Koran (sura 9.5) tells Muslims to kill and torture Christians, Jews, and those who do not practice the Muslim faith. Sharia Law goes further than that, and allows them to kill their daughter, children
    and wives, if they offend the Muslim husband. It is a brutal and ruthless religion to all non Muslims. If you don't convert to their faith, they will kill you and your family.

  3. David Ozanne says:

    I notice that they will not id him as a muslim, because it destroys their fantasy that Islam is a peaceful religion.

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    First problem is here are a 26 and 27 year old RECENT 'immigrants' that are WORKING then SENDING the money they make out of our economy.
    The next problem is a muslim being allowed to practice sharia law without the media reporting the facts we all know to be.
    Yet again the OPN (Oblameo Propaganda Network) works it's lies.

    • Do you think Obama wants one of his kind talked about ,as doing harm to someone? Obama wants to do harm to America by destroying it's economy, I PRAY he gets IMPEACHED in March, and the rightful winner of the election gets in office. OBAMA the constant LIAR ,even lied to Romney and the world ,even congress,and they did nothing. One pricenct in Florida had 141% of the registered voters vote, Ohio had 198% of registered voters vote, Obama doesn't wabnt there to be registered individyuals so no one knows he stuffed the boxes and had the boxes rigged to change the valet to his name.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        Are you speaking of the threat of impeachment over the sequestration? I doubt they will impeach oblameo over that. There are proven acts of treason he has committed, and if he was to be impeached, it would be over these acts.
        What election? Oblameo can't run for a third term. Are you speaking if he is impeached? There will not be an election. The office of president will go to the Vice President unless he is also impeached. If Biden is also impeached, the office then goes to Speaker of the House John Boehner.
        The ONLY way to have an election would be for oblameo to be ruled ineligible/illegal to hold office of POTUS. Then there is no telling what the format would be since we will be in an area that is unprecedented.

  5. INdia lost 1/3 to hindu converts.56 nation of converts now all converts to islam at one time become anti national and anti locals,Worst is yet to come just see what is happening to afghanistan and Pakistan after conversion.

  6. Another f ing lunatic muzzy. Lethal injection with a little pigs blood.

    • Did you know Obama is an Islamic muslim,born to a single woman,he doesn't really know his last name he is an imposter,not elgible to be president,for his mother wasn't old enough to pass on citizenship, she would have to be at least 19,with not knowing who his father was that eliminates any chance for him running for president, what a mistake our congress has made in not theroughly checking into Obama's background. Not Knowing his name, NO real birth certificate,nor selective service no.
      however this imposter with 5 aliases,has a hearing coming up in the first two weeks of March to Impeach him. Please write your senators and request he be IMPEACHED. Thank You

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    This guy Yusuf is one of Obuttholes people and American press and politicians are scared to death of muslims.
    These people kill because they like killing and they believe in sharia law .

  8. Damn they beheaded them and cut off their heads. That is radical. Morons.

    • I think the article said they beheaded them and cut off their 'Hands'.
      Cutting of Hands is for theft and cutting off of heads is for being the wrong faith.
      We are lucky that the Muslim world is so delicate and humane, they could be real &astards…

      • Pimpicus Maximus says:

        The perp has tattoos sp he can't be much of a devout muslim. Look at him! He looks like a thug. He cut of the heads and hands to try to avoid the dental records and fingerprints. Did they FIND the heads and hands? I'm not defending him, Islam, OR bitchobama I'm just sayin'… Let's not jump to conclusions. Maybe they owed him money. Maybe there's some kind of feud or something. Highly unlikely that a tattooed muslim thug will spontaneously carry out Sharia law.

  9. Yes the Muslims are a hate mungrel people,they kill their own children ,wives, just because someone said something even when it's not true, is that love? Did you know Obama is an islamist muslim,that's why he is doing nothing but talking when it comes to Iran, muslims should look out for muslimns they say ,yet they will kill for no true reason. Muslims are an insane bunch, even Obama,the imposter,not elgible to be president.
    Obama the imposter said he was born in Africa then changed his mind,now born in Hawaii, he said he didn't want your Handguns, he didn't want your shotguns, he didn't want your rifles, all the time he had made deals with gun haters to try to take everyone's guns.,
    Obama said his father was Obama, now he has no idea who all his single mother went to bed with
    I've always called him the imposter,he has 5 aliases and doesn't know who he is,yet he is smart enough to run this country streight in tto the ground. He swore to defend and aid America,this fraud is doing the opposite.

  10. And may I take this moment to mention the Double Beheading in New Jersey!?!?!?! I am in full command of at least some facts however I am increasingly unable to see America; at least the version I have enjoyed for the past 50 years.

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