Video: MSNBC’s O’Donnell On Romney’s “Mormon Problem”

The tolerant left can’t wait to start attacking Mitt Romney for his religious beliefs. For a preview of the bigotry to come, listen to these outrageous comments by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. This type of religious intolerance should be punished with dismissal, but it is hard to fire your mouthpiece when he is likely following a script from the left-wingers who run the network.

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  1. I'd rather have a Mormon for president than a Muslim. If Romney gets the Republican nomination everyone who is against a liberal, socialist dictator had better vote for Romney! Don't fall for the liberal media's lies.

  2. I do not care if Rat Romney is a Mormon, a Lessmon or an alien. I will not vote for him if he by some evil stroke of luck gets the nomination. The stench from the romney campaign already makes me gag and if I must hold my nose and vote for the lesser of the evils in November, it will NOT be for Rat romney. If Romney is nominated then it is time for true Conservatives to drop the Republican party and look for someting better. We are speedily becomeing a one party government and proof is we have only the choice between socialist :A: or socialist “B” Please check out the Constitution Party and what they stand for and if you find your beliefs are the same as their beliefs then support the CONSTITUTION Party. If Rat Romney is nominated then I wll change my registration to Independent and support only the Constitution Party candidates

  3. sean murry says:

    The left doesnt belivie in god.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    It's amazing O'Donnell doesn't want a mormon but he doesn't seem to mind the muslim who is in the White House now.

  5. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    As to the “Morman problem”. Now that is about the stupidest comment made by anyone, including this idiotic nit wit know it all! Has he ever talked to Mormans about their beleifs, and how they do beleive in God, and that they beleive that Jesus Christ was the Son of God? I lived next door to a family of Mormans, and they were truly some of the best people I ever lived around, and on top of that, their children were some of the best behaved children on the block. Polite, and considerate, and minded their parents……which I cannot say of most of the BRATS in the neighborhood! And I wonder, how many of those people in suits who come knocking at the doors in neighborhoods has he talked to, seriously talked to? These people are only trying to spread the word of God as they interpret it. We do not agree on every single thing, and that is how it is with religions, no one sees eye to eye on the Bible. Unfortunately, Mormans have been branded polygamists, from their early days in this country. But if one thinks about it, remember the Spanish Inquisition, where Catholics tortured and killed many poor innocent souls in their beleif that there was only ONE way to beleive, and ONE CHURCH to belong to. And, the Protestant organization has been guilty of the same evils as the Catholics, remember Ireland and Britian who not so long ago were at war over the same ideologies……and some still hate one another, and murder over this same issue today in those parts of the world. In our own country, look at the division of the many, many different sects of religion. (this is why I maintain that God and religion are not one and the same) Mormans are not the polygamists anymore, that their ancestors were. Instead, they are family oriented and care deeply about their churches and religion, and they are even, I will say, better Christians than most are today. For they do things that are Biblical, such as pay tithes to their church, and that, my friends, right there, is one thing that helps to make them as prosperous as they are, for the Bible plainly tells us that when we give to God, that He will bless us and He will return our tithes many times over. I have watched people do this, tithe 10% of their earnings over the years, and all have been blessed many times over by doing so. This is no myth, this is fact. I have seen it in action. “The Morman problem”, and the “dangers of Mormanisim” are two real MYTHS! There IS no “Morman problem”, and Mormanisim is not a DANGER! That is just the stupidity of others who are using scare tactics to win everyone over to their way of thinking……..if it can be called thinking! It is not thinking, it is hate for someone of faith and that is all there is to it. And hate for someone who actually is a Christian, and who follows the teachings of the Greatest Teacher to ever have walked upon the earth, Jesus Christ, the Son of God! I have no fear of Mitt Romney and his chosen religion, but I DO FEAR THIS MUSLIME IN OFFICE, for Islam is the GREATEST LIE EVER PERPETUATED UPON THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH, and it’s results are as plain as the noses upon any human being’s face! The MURDERS AND DESTRUCTION OF ANY NATION WHO TAKES THIS IDEOLOGY TO HEART AND ALLOWS IT TO FESTER, and THEN GROW INTO WHAT IT DOES IS SO CLEAR THAT HOW ANYONE MISSES IT, IS BEYOND ME! And Obama has SHOWN WHO AND WHAT HE IS IN THE LAST 3 YEARS! A MU SLIME HELLBENT ON DESTROYING AMERICA, yet there are still those who insist that he is a “good man”, a “likeable man”! How can anyone still beleive this lie, and want us to beleive he is a “likeable man”? No, he isn’t a good man, and anyone who loves our country in no way can even come close to liking him. He is intent on destroying us and our nation, how CAN WE LIKE HIM WHEN HE MEANS TO DESTROY US WITH NO REGRETS AT ALL? I find it hard to like someone who means to ruin me and my family, and everything I work to build and enjoy! The beleif that we can like Obama while he is destroying us makes me seriously scratch my head in utter disbeleif, and wonder!!! NO! I do not LIKE him, I do NOT LIKE ANYTHING HE STANDS FOR! (that is assuming that he even knows exactly what he stands for himself) Obama is so self contridictory that he is surely a mystery unto himself……….` He says one thing, and does another. And when caught in a dead pan lie, he again lies to cover his lies, and after a while, he can’t remember which lie he told to cover a prior lie……………….it does make an honest person, a sane person, wonder, doesn’t it? Now, as to his mu SLIME beleif, how can we not beleive that he IS a mu SLIME, when he INVITES THE MU SLIME BROTHERHOOD INTO OUR WHITE HOUSE? And feeds them all very well, entertains them, on OUR DIME(S)! These are the very people whose BROTHERS MURDERED 3000 souls on SEPTEMBER 11, 2001! These men are the ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! As they are the enemy of everyone and everything they ever gain control of, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afganistan…………and the list goes on, right on to Bosnia, and farther………..and if Russia and China recognize this problem with this wicked lot of people, then what on earth is wrong with our country? Australia’s Prime Minister has told them to LEAVE Australia if they do not want to become peaceful citizens and assimilate into Australian society as immigrants. She did this one once, but TWICE, told them that they are “FREE TO LEAVE”! No one is stopping them……….and this is what America needs to do, INVITE THEM TO LEAVE! And to learn who our enemies are, instead of attacking some because of an old hatred, which has mostly died, and they only want to fan it into what it was before. In other words, hug our enemies, and betray our citizens! I will vote for Romney, because I beleive that anyone is better than a mu SLIME ENEMY IN OUR WHITE HOUSE! I will follow a Morman much quicker than I will follow a diseased mu SLIME, for that mind is truly DISEASED BY THE LIES AND FILTH SENT TO THEM BY SATAN OVER A THOUSAND YEARS AGO! This “religion” is satanic in it’s manners, and actions, it is so obvious that it is inescapable. Time and violence done by it’s followers is all the proof anyone should need! Learn it’s history, and see it for what it truly is! Learn about Mormans, and learn what it truly is also! We have nothing to fear from a Morman, and EVERYTHING TO FEAR FROM A MU SLIME!!!!!!!!!! Bet your life on this!

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