Video: MSNBC’s Mitchell Plays Race Card On Susan Rice Bow Out

Gee, who could have seen this coming? Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC couldn’t help it. Mitchell blamed GOP racism and sexism for the reason Susan Rice bowed out as Secretary of State candidate. It’s not because she’s ridiculously ignorant; it’s that she’s black.

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  1. Mitchell you really are a racist jerk. Rice was incompetent and a disgrace to our Country. Her record speaks for itself. The only person worse than Rice is………………..KERRY!!!!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      So true but you got to remember he went up the delta to kill Viet Namese women and children with his swift boat.Also he did cut himself so he could be returned stateside get his blackhearts and become another Hanoi Jane the american traitor.

    • BOY…I totally AGREE! Sick & tired of the RACE crap, & Kerry is the BIGGEST baboon EVER!

  2. Andrea you are one blatantly ignorant liberal broad. Where do people like you come from? Whatever planet you came from please go back. Rice is a radical socialist and an Obama pinhead who lied to Congress and lied to the American people —Obama administration threw her under the bus and that is where she should be.
    It had nothing to do with the fact she is black or a woman.

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who really cares what plastic & botox face care.She is irrelevant to the broadcasting world only her 12 listeners care what the witch says and that old feeble husband Alan Greenspan

  4. Hasn’t this bitch made enough of a fool of herself for one year already? Or, does she take pleasure in seeing just how stupid she can be in public? She and those like her should all go find a hole, and pull it in on themselves. Lord, the stupidty of the progressives, they are “progressing” themselves so far back in time, that they are going to find themselves once again living with dinasours! Talk about stone age living! Mentality is an unheard of word to them! They make the Cave Men and Women look like professors of algebra! Mitchell is just a dumb blonde, another one. I can’t help it, why are all the female lefty’s so stupid, and why are the most of them blonde bimbos? Seems to me that a lot of them are, and they are all “in love” with this “negro” with flappy ears, fat lips, and an even fatter, longer nose? Long nose=LIAR! It grows each time he speaks, he lies each time his lips move……………..long, long nose, and a long, long list of lies, so far back that they’d wrap around the world a thousand times! And, Rice is just as bad. No wonder this Blonde Bimbo/Twat/Lame Brain idiot Bitchell defends her. I bet they have lost count of the lies, and can’t even remember the last one, so they can tell another to add up to it………makes my brain tired just thinking about them and their never ending stream of lies.

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