Video: MSNBC: Whites Against Abortion In Order To Build Up Race

MSNBC thinks Whites are against abortion because they want to build up the race. It couldn’t be that conservatives—white, black, brown—or anyone—simply thinks abortion is wrong, could it?

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  1. UHH!!!! more black babies aborted than whites?

  2. Deepizzaguy says:

    Where is the proof Dick Tracy?

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    Blacks don't want abortions because it's money in the bank when it comes to the welfare checks.Whites should be against abortion just to keep our race in this country alive because between coloreds and mexicans will be the new america.

  4. madhatter15 says:

    I am not a believer in abortion, it has nothing to do with race, why do people always think everything is about race, they should go back to that time warp they are stuck in and find out why they feel this way, flower power is over, so is Black power. Do you have any idea how many white and black men have died in our wars? the finest of the fine, black and white, they look like movie stars, all killed lfor a rich mans war, not as many blacks as whites because blacks were a minority, but enough to keep nice black women from marrying great black men with some inteligence and good looks, instread they are stuck wiht the new black panthers yealling "kill some white babies" on street corners. Thats why blacks should forget abortions , same for whites, they are killing our men and I think that is a fringe benefit for them. Don't abort, raise those kids to be good human beings and don't let them go to war, let Dick cheney and Bush and the Rothchilds fight their own wars, let the UN fight with foreign nato but dont' let them have our men.

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