Video: MSNBC Plays Race Card In Sandy Hook Massacre

Only MSNBC could play the race card in the Sandy Hook massacre. Are we surprised?

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  1. Why would they report on that story? It would contradict their anti gun argument.

  2. Yeah, if the guy's name was Abdul, no one would be talking about it!

  3. artinthewild says:

    I'm sure they are excited so they can blame the white man – if it had been a black or something else you wouldn't even hear a word about it. What about all those blacks up north – like the one that beat up the Medal of Honor – what was his name? Medars? Meders? at any rate there has been a whole slug of those guys (black guys) beating up white men and Asian men – a group against one man – the media just says, a group kicked and beat a man up…..many times and now they've picked on the wrong man (the Medal of Honor)….It was a terrible thing that happened with those little ones and their teachers – if the principal had had a gun they wouldn't have had that problem….The teachers in Israel carry rifles in Israel……we need to do that too.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is one shitty news organization,I can't believe they have an audience.If it was an raghead like the Fort Hood shooter or an igger MSNBC would be making excuses for these killers and nothing would be said about taking the guns away from the nigga gangsta.

  5. What in the HELL are these total idiots even talking about?!? Follow people around? Orwellian big government? Profiling of white guys? Where does does NBC find a continual dredge of total dimwits? And to think that these morons are allowed to vote. No wonder we've got a Marxist in power and destroying our nation. I am truly ashamed of my country when asinine people like this are allowed to get on national TV and spout off with their ignorant bs. Wow, stupidity abounds at NBC.

    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    • @Ranchman, Stupidity abounds at all stations, which are “owned and operated” by this IGGER in office! ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, AND ALL THE OTHERS ARE SO OUT OF TOUCH WITH ANYTHING OR ANYONE REAL, THAT THEY MAY AS WELL JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO DIG A HOLE AND PULL IT IN AFTER THEMSEVES! Bury themselves as is only right and proper for such as they, DEAD BETWEEN THE EARS AND CHEEKS! As far as any gray matter inside the knots sitting on their shoulders, it has turned to mush. Since 2008, any brain matter there, because of their adoration and compliance, of and to this peice of MU SLIME FILTH, they have no real minds to speak of anymore, what passes for a “brain/mind” is no longer there, it is two flapping, lying lips, which each of them are in posession of, and what they say is only what is “sent to them” via the Control of the Control Freak/Mu SLIME in office. They are simply conduits from which His Amighty Iggerness speaks. The movie “The Invasion of The Body Snatchers” comes to mind, their minds and bodies have been Snatched by the Head Slime, and his congress of fellow Slimes! So, if we were to take out the Head of This Snake/Slime, we might just recapture our nation and survive this attack on us and our ability to live as FREE AMERICANS WITH MINDS OF OUR OWN!

  6. artinthewild says:

    Hey – I heard that that kid was always watching or doing those videos – the ones that show people killing other people, etc….well hello – if you want to blame something – blame those videos – As a school teacher (ret.) I can tell you that Adam wasn't thinking that those kids would be dead forever. Sound crazy? We had two little girls (Sr.High) that wrote a suicide note. They were going to comit suicide together. The first little girl shot herself in the head and scared the other one so bad – she wouldn't do it. These kids don't understand the that when you die you're gone forever….Think about howmany deaths have come about with these games? Maybe I'm crazy – but it's all there to me.

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