Video: MSNBC Panel Tells Race Jokes On The Air

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry told her panel to tell their “favorite race joke” or “best punch line on it” on her Sunday show…

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  1. IDIOTS. Of course, one is a college professor. SHAMEFUL!!!!

  2. What a bunch of phonies

  3. we the people,demand an apology from msnbc we think it is dispickable and a disgrace for this people to be on net work tv,we demand an apology immediately,or we will bring a racial hate crime law suit against each and evey one of you people,and msnbc in particular,and we demand they all be fired for promoting racial injustuce,and hate crimes

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Had a conservative told igger jokes like this Mellissa Perry would have been crying about racism but as long as her clan tells crap likethis it is alright.

  5. Michele Wilt says:

    This is a disgrace! If this was a white person that brought up this topic, they’d be called racist but it’s acceptable because she’s black?! We need to make a lot of noise about this and we should sue this person for hurting our feelings :( Well that’s what they would’ve done.

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